Friday, 15 June 2018

June dear June...

It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise. Mark Twain

The scratches on the flower are made by the nectar seeking Bananabirds.

Cool day; photos early morning.

Tree Dahlia

Monday, 7 May 2018

May a month of remembrance.

Boom, crash, my whole blog of this month just disappeared , a flash into thin air or where ever it went. I am blogging since many years but I have never experienced this before. At least to say it is very annoying.  I am not sure if I have the Energy to start again for this month. Blogging with Google is not that good anymore lots goes wrong and the technical side is not well maintained.

I will ring Google and ask what happened!
Well, I rang Google, but as usual no time, no answer, just a monitored voice saying:" go away, help yourself, we are busy counting money."

I also send a message that the formatting in the composing site does not work properly and as I have seen in the forums many, many have the same problem and are appealing to Google technicians to rectify it. But, nothing happens! 
 I guess it is not all bad but as with everything, as it is and always has been the golden calf takes precedence. I am a cynic and an idealist.

Anyway, as I am also an optimist with a soaring spirit I do not give up. Here I go again.

Yesterday I read In the Science Explorer; maybe plants are farming us by providing oxygen until  we ALL eventually decompose and they can consume us.

There are already burial capsules with a seed of a tree we can nourish to grow while we are flying free. 

Trees-Life, my interpretation.
Imagine a world without trees, Australia is removing them at a hurried pace like there is no tomorrow, again the golden calf in action. So many native animals lose their home.

19/May 2018

#mygarden;  First steps into the garden, the eyes first look around at all the newest happenings in growths and colours and whatnot then they sweep higher and higher to the canopies of the trees and beyond to the sky with its everyday changes from the bluest of blue, pillows of snowy clouds in sometimes grotesque formations usually to late to grab the camera as they scatter as quickly as counting to three.


It isnot Daylily time but love to post some of my favourites. Especially the spiders, their curly-wurly ways, their free spirit is very endearing. All growing along the drive way upper garden.

© Photos mygarden Ts

(just to say font formatting is all over the place again. small is big, big is small etc etc. does not work at all.) I mean if something is provided it should at least work properly)

Bye, bye May, or I might miss  your sister sister June.😏

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Monday, 2 April 2018

...and on it goes into the jolly month of April..


One of my "learned" hens studying botany.  

Yesterday I was in the kitchen garden planting; the rain stopped for a day. This morning rainy days are back it seems for the whole week and the Commonwealth games are on now for 2 weeks.  I rather would like a "Commonwealth garden show".  At least we gardeners do not cheat.  Anyway  I planted many essentials for cooking and health like red onions, beetroot, celery,  potatoes and brassicas follow later. It is still very warm and humid and the 
kitchen garden struggles. The tiny tomatoes have grown on their own and are very prolific. Tiny fennel from thinning them out, a few beans, they really struggle in this humidity.

Lunch for one. When ready, anointed with olive oil, vinegar liqueur  and may be some double cream Brie.

Rose Perfumed delight, cuttings from last winter are already flowering the third time, stems are still quite thin, planted in my newest adventure, grandly named  "Rose Walk" when in deed it is not at all grand, it might become so, one never knows, depending on my energy.💪

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.   William Shakespeare 

Yes, sure even here in the subtropics, April  lets the spirits of the Antipodeans soar. 

Azales flowering means April, Autumn. This is "Dreamtime" 
I received  this Azalea from a couple who visited here when I was establishing  this garden in 1989. Her  husband’s name was Rex so I called  his wife “Rexona”. Her real name was Dawn, She was a lovely lady.
There are still the google gremlins at work the spacing does not work.

Purple Salvia "Black knight" and Salvia Madrensis mingle well together.

  • A favourite combination  S. Waverly and S. Black Knight.
Hoya flowers many times through the year. 
This one makes meter long trailers, sitting in a tiny basket.
The days are getting now rapidly shorter again, this means more time to read and to reflect.
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Small tomatoes grown in the compost scattered on the garden beds. These are already made into pasta sauce.
I usually make the sauce in the Thermomix. 
Gathered in the kitchen garden; mini capsicums , some I added to a risotto. Basil became a pesto and  some was added  to the Risotto. A handful of beans, they have a hard time with the heat and humidity. Hopefully it is getting soon a bit cooler. Pitaya or dragon fruit,is lovely especially when chilled before eating.

Risotto with capsicums and pesto.

Hanging pot  does best with succulents, as it dries out very quickly
Never forget to dream,  life is so much poorer if you don’t Ts

Old Rose, Marie van Houtte. 1871 Tea Rose,nice fragrance.
...and goes with this

Salvia, not sure which is which😏
..and with this

Salvia Leucantha

Buddleja , white summer lilac
....and with this and more growing in the same mix  and match garden bed.

Iceberg Rose
Garden lore
I wonder if there is an other  planet where people live and plant flowers? Ts
...and slowly autumn settles  to cool nights and mornings.

'Autumn' my art journal,  this might go on a canvas in Acrylics.

When you live here you get these sort of visitors. They are around and one must accept them and get used to them being around. They are quite placid and if you leave them alone, they are ok. One has to be careful with small pets as this is a Python , not poisonous but very strong and strangles her food.

through the window...

on the eastern side of the house.

Rain and warmth have prompted some daylillies to bloom again.

Sweet, old  french rose Perle d'or.
End of month 30/4/2018
Our life is our book written by us, as every day is a new page  and ends at the end of the month. Then we can’t wait for the next month to start a new chapter again. Ts

Rollinia, Brazilian custard apple, ripening now. They must be golden yellow, fully ripe to harvest. Taste wonderful.

Small wild Gladioli are lovely to pick

Old french rose Jeanne Ducher. Roses come into their own now with the humidity and heat gone, cooler days arriving.

Clerodendrum wallichii 'Bridail veil' a spectacular shrub when in full bloom.
With this I will say goodbye until the next month which starts tomorrow;😉

...maybe we see each other again.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

March, lets autumn sing...

The  first few days of autumn continued the heat and humidity of summer. Last night it seems it broke, the rain came down in buckets, all night long, and today it's raining...raining..

6/March 2018

Lotus leaves in the pond  are hearing the call of autumn, preparing themselves for a rest.

Beautiful autumn colours of this pretty Hibiscus with its intense show of  reds and yellows.

Bulbs too wake up.

This bulb, belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. Lycoris  originate from  China and Japan. Lycoris resembles the South African Nerines. Suddenly in March the spikes appear very quickly from today to tomorrow. They are spectacular, exotically beautiful.  40-60cm tall. They are very unpredictable depending  on seasonal factors, like rain  or dryness etc.

Bulbs wake up too.

Zephyrantes, Rainlilies.

A couple of paintings in progress. While humidity and heat were beating down, it was  nice sitting under the ceiling fan and paint while humidity and heat of the summer season was prevalent. 

Lovely to gather fruit in the garden, delicious Passion fruit.

I am getting back to you soon, enjoy what ever you are doing.


The pleasure of growing
Salvia for the warm climate

S. leucantha Pink Velour
I thought I lost this beauty, but luckily I made earlier  a cutting which is now flowering.  Must remember to make a few more!

S. Anthony Parker, an autumn flowering S.

S. Meigan's Magic, flowering from spring into winter when it has its final pruning, to restart in spring again. Its white flowers contrast beautifully with its dark purple calyxes.

S.Peru Blue, a fantastic intense blue with exotic anthers makes this one a favourite. It grows easily with underground rhizomes, does not mind dry soil.

Stately and freely flowering S. Madrensis is everyone's favourite. It makes the occasional seedlings with self sowing.

These are just a few of my collection growing since many years and thriving in my garden.

Dahlias are doing well at the moment in the upper garden, they like quite a bit of moisture to flourish. At the beginning they had a struggle because it was to dry.

Tomorrow is always present to pounce... see ya..

Last day; 31/03/2018
March went so fast, I am holding on to the last day, but it is slipping ...

In the spare dry days and sun I dried some herbs to make herb salt. Peppermint, Fennel, Parsley, and Scots bonnet
chillies., I grow in my herb  and kitchen garden. I mixed  the herbs with pink Himalayan salt. I would like to and I did before, use sea salt. but I do not trust it anymore as the seas are so polluted with plastic and so much more human waste.
I guess humans must go to another evolution to be able to cope  with all these chemical waste products swamping food and water. No other animal has polluted the world as humans have. Humans must not be proud  of their achievements they are  born  on nature''s and animals backs. Humans  think they are special  but  in the short time they have been around, have done  as much as possible to destroy their own habitats. Humans are a disgusting lot towards Nature and animals.😢

Booby would love to go and play outside, but the ground is still soaking wet.

Rainy days.

Brazilian Trumpet vine, climbs over the Magnolia and on the other side over a Paperbark tree.

I will now let March slip away and wish you all  Happy Easter days.

As a child Easter was a wonderful time,  Sunshine, first time knee socks,  new shoes, new dress, colourful eggs,  hoping your own  were the best and the prettiest, rolling  them down a hill to check  which egg had the strongest  shell. We were not bothered with the churches dogma.

See you around in April.

I had a lot of trouble with blogger, I could not get into my blogs anymore despite EM and PW. I hope it is sorted now for good.👿

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