Saturday, 14 March 2015

Good bye Summer; welcome autumn;

Summer.. no, summer is never short here, its promises of hot sultry days, veiled skies on early mornings  are always fulfilled, as common as no rain for many month. Summer is sweet and harsh at the same time, it has no rules and reaches into autumn with its last humid, sweltering days. Summer   has been.Ts

December, January, February;
Christmas lillies, Coffee bush  flowers, Honeydew Melons, and sweet Buddleia are summer treats.

Summer carries a lightness infused with scents of sunshine and storms, clouds and  lots of light, so much light we only see in summer. Ts

...and grand sunrises..

Red Roses; Sage from the herb garden and homemade Pumpkin gnocchi, oh summer how sweet you were!

Summer, it sounds so musical, so warm and flowery, what would we do if there were not one summer more? Ts

Watching the rain clouds with anticipation; please let it, tomorrow and more...

 daylilies, china roses, all putting on a pretty good show...

The green of summer is not quiet, it is full of the shrieks of the cicadas.Ts

Christmas came and went...

..the blue banded bee, a welcome summer visitor busy checking out the Pickerell flowers.. delicate fungi grew after the rain; all in all a good summer; very hot and humid but that is what summer is all about in the subtropics.

Departing summer hath assumed
 An aspect tenderly illumed,
 The gentlest look of spring;
 That calls from yonder leafy shade
 Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
 A timely carolling.

 -  William Wordsworth, 

...then March arrived
with full baskets
Pommegranate, Mangoes, Persimmons, and Basil to make Pesto.

.... early flowering bulbs of cottage Gladioli  Dahlia Salvia and many more create a riot of colours in the Butterfly garden.

The new "orange corner" is a good place to observe the comings and goings on the pond.

Believe it or not:
today it's very windy, rainy and the temperature has plunged to 21 C; it is 6:30 AM 
Saturday, 14/03/2015