Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Spider Daylilies weirdly beautiful.

Wake up it is morning .The best slogan for the day, you are alive...

Peacock Maiden

Jan's Twister

Echo Canyon

Daylight should activate common sense. Ts

How great  the feeling to be able to look up  to an endlessly blue morning sky.Ts

One of my X seedlings 2 years old, Starling 2016

Twilight  and  early morning, a harmony  not to be missed. Ts

Nathan Summers

String Bikini

The best time, early  morning when the day is young and fresh not yet hijacked by the momentum of a whirlwind of obligations. Ts

The morning air so new so fresh, awash with good promises. Ts

Nothing is as fresh and unblemished as a new day. Ts.

One of my X seedlings 2 years old,  Billy's Joy 2016

Every day we are getting the most precious present an absolutely new and unblemished day.  Look after it and cherish it. Ts

So many Stars.

Believe it or not:
We need change to be happy; without change mankind would not be where we are to day.