Tuesday, 6 March 2018

March, lets autumn sing...

The  first few days of autumn continued the heat and humidity of summer. Last night it seems it broke, the rain came down in buckets, all night long, and today it's raining...raining..

6/March 2018

Lotus leaves in the pond  are hearing the call of autumn, preparing themselves for a rest.

Beautiful autumn colours of this pretty Hibiscus with its intense show of  reds and yellows.

Bulbs too wake up.

This bulb, belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. Lycoris  originate from  China and Japan. Lycoris resembles the South African Nerines. Suddenly in March the spikes appear very quickly from today to tomorrow. They are spectacular, exotically beautiful.  40-60cm tall. They are very unpredictable depending  on seasonal factors, like rain  or dryness etc.

Bulbs wake up too.

Zephyrantes, Rainlilies.

A couple of paintings in progress. While humidity and heat were beating down, it was  nice sitting under the ceiling fan and paint while humidity and heat of the summer season was prevalent. 

Lovely to gather fruit in the garden, delicious Passion fruit.

I am getting back to you soon, enjoy what ever you are doing.


The pleasure of growing
Salvia for the warm climate

S. leucantha Pink Velour
I thought I lost this beauty, but luckily I made earlier  a cutting which is now flowering.  Must remember to make a few more!

S. Anthony Parker, an autumn flowering S.

S. Meigan's Magic, flowering from spring into winter when it has its final pruning, to restart in spring again. Its white flowers contrast beautifully with its dark purple calyxes.

S.Peru Blue, a fantastic intense blue with exotic anthers makes this one a favourite. It grows easily with underground rhizomes, does not mind dry soil.

Stately and freely flowering S. Madrensis is everyone's favourite. It makes the occasional seedlings with self sowing.

These are just a few of my collection growing since many years and thriving in my garden.

Dahlias are doing well at the moment in the upper garden, they like quite a bit of moisture to flourish. At the beginning they had a struggle because it was to dry.

Tomorrow is always present to pounce... see ya..

Last day; 31/03/2018
March went so fast, I am holding on to the last day, but it is slipping ...

In the spare dry days and sun I dried some herbs to make herb salt. Peppermint, Fennel, Parsley, and Scots bonnet
chillies., I grow in my herb  and kitchen garden. I mixed  the herbs with pink Himalayan salt. I would like to and I did before, use sea salt. but I do not trust it anymore as the seas are so polluted with plastic and so much more human waste.
I guess humans must go to another evolution to be able to cope  with all these chemical waste products swamping food and water. No other animal has polluted the world as humans have. Humans must not be proud  of their achievements they are  born  on nature''s and animals backs. Humans  think they are special  but  in the short time they have been around, have done  as much as possible to destroy their own habitats. Humans are a disgusting lot towards Nature and animals.😢

Booby would love to go and play outside, but the ground is still soaking wet.

Rainy days.

Brazilian Trumpet vine, climbs over the Magnolia and on the other side over a Paperbark tree.

I will now let March slip away and wish you all  Happy Easter days.

As a child Easter was a wonderful time,  Sunshine, first time knee socks,  new shoes, new dress, colourful eggs,  hoping your own  were the best and the prettiest, rolling  them down a hill to check  which egg had the strongest  shell. We were not bothered with the churches dogma.

See you around in April.

I had a lot of trouble with blogger, I could not get into my blogs anymore despite EM and PW. I hope it is sorted now for good.👿

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