Monday, 7 May 2018

May a month of remembrance.

Boom, crash, my whole blog of this month just disappeared , a flash into thin air or where ever it went. I am blogging since many years but I have never experienced this before. At least to say it is very annoying.  I am not sure if I have the Energy to start again for this month. Blogging with Google is not that good anymore lots goes wrong and the technical side is not well maintained.

I will ring Google and ask what happened!
Well, I rang Google, but as usual no time, no answer, just a monitored voice saying:" go away, help yourself, we are busy counting money."

I also send a message that the formatting in the composing site does not work properly and as I have seen in the forums many, many have the same problem and are appealing to Google technicians to rectify it. But, nothing happens! 
 I guess it is not all bad but as with everything, as it is and always has been the golden calf takes precedence. I am a cynic and an idealist.

Anyway, as I am also an optimist with a soaring spirit I do not give up. Here I go again.

Yesterday I read In the Science Explorer; maybe plants are farming us by providing oxygen until  we ALL eventually decompose and they can consume us.

There are already burial capsules with a seed of a tree we can nourish to grow while we are flying free. 

Trees-Life, my interpretation.
Imagine a world without trees, Australia is removing them at a hurried pace like there is no tomorrow, again the golden calf in action. So many native animals lose their home.

19/May 2018

#mygarden;  First steps into the garden, the eyes first look around at all the newest happenings in growths and colours and whatnot then they sweep higher and higher to the canopies of the trees and beyond to the sky with its everyday changes from the bluest of blue, pillows of snowy clouds in sometimes grotesque formations usually to late to grab the camera as they scatter as quickly as counting to three.


It isnot Daylily time but love to post some of my favourites. Especially the spiders, their curly-wurly ways, their free spirit is very endearing. All growing along the drive way upper garden.

© Photos mygarden Ts

(just to say font formatting is all over the place again. small is big, big is small etc etc. does not work at all.) I mean if something is provided it should at least work properly)

Bye, bye May, or I might miss  your sister sister June.­čśĆ

©Photos/Text Ts Lavender and Vanilla.


  1. Getting Google to speak to us is impossible - now I understand why - lots of money to count! It is scary how many trees are removed in Australia, I believe we have the highest number of mammal extinctions in the world! Not a record to be proud of ...