Thursday, 29 August 2013

August; It looks like spring...

Seethe much Rosemary, and bathe therein
 to make thee lusty, lively,joyful, likeing and youngly.
William Langham, The garden of Health 1597

Tibouchina is a genus of about 350 species of neotropical plants in the family Melastomataceae. They are trees, shrubs or subshrubs growing 0.5–25 m tall, and are known as glory bushes or glory trees.

Mugwort  Artemisia vulgaris;
If this herbe be within a house there shal no wycked spyryte abyde.
The Grete Herball, 1526

Nasturtium Tropaeolum major
I sowed a seede thei brought me from Peru. More to see his fairnesse than for any medicinall vertues thst it hath. It is a flower very beautiful. which doeth adornate the gardens. 
Nicholas Monardes, Joyful Newes out of  the New Founde worlde, 1577

Self seeded pink Penta; favourites in the garden, easy to grow easy to keep and easily propagated from fresh cuttings.

A pleasant hearb this is, and delectable to smell onto, insomuch as you shall not see a  husbandmans bourd in the countrey, but all the meats from one end to the other be seasoned with Mints. If it be once set or sowne, and have taken to the ground, it will continue there a long time.
Pliny, Natural Historie, 77 AD (trans Holland 1601)

Red leaves always add interest between the green plants.

Marigold Calendula officinalis
Marygoldes floures dronken, drawe downe wymens siknes and so doth the iuice of the herbe, whyche is a present remedy for the toothe ake, if the mouthe be wasshed with it. Summe use to make theyr here yelow with the floure  of this herbe, not beyng content with the natural colour which god hath given them.
William Turner, A New Herball, 1551

Spring is heralded with the beautiful Rock Orchid Dendrobium speciosum.  Its fragrance is dusty, different but not unpleasant.

The smell of Basill is good for the heart and for the head, it taketh away sorrowfulnesse, which commeth of melancholie and maketh a man merrie and glad. 
John Gerard,The Herball, 1597

First Wisteria flowers;

Thyme boyled in water and hony and dronken is good against a hard and painful cough and shortnesse of breath. Thyme eaten in the morning fasting and in the evening before supper is good for bleared and watering eyes and the paine in the same and it is also good for the same purpose to be often used in meates.
Rembert Dodoens. A Niewe Herball (trans. Lyte, 1578

Herbals available in England at this time were mainly available in Latin and French.
Henry Lyte translated  the books into English, so that the common people who could read were able to use the herbal at home.
 Lyte's first and most important work was his translation of the Cruydeboeck of Rembert Dodoens (Antwerp, 1564) by way of the 1577 French translation of Charles de L'Ecluse (Histoire des Plantes). His copy of the French edition endorsed on the title page "Henry Lyte taught me to speake English" is now in the British Museum. It bears numerous annotations in Latin and English in his neat handwriting, including references to the works of Matthias de Lobel and William Turner. The first edition of the translation was printed in folio at Antwerp, in order to secure the woodcuts of the original; the blocks being too heavy and valuable to transport. It has 779 pages and 870 cuts, about thirty of which are original, and is mostly in blackletter. It bears the title, A niewe Herball or Historie of Plantes. . . .

Delightful Imortelles and pink Daisies, spring fragrances and colours.

Bridal Veil,  Tea tree  flowers swarming with butterflies and bees.

Fresh green ferns, joy of spring;

Chamomile 'the appell of an eye', to comfort the braine smel to camomill, eate sage, wash measurably, sleep reasonably, delight to hear melody and singing.
Ram's Little Dodoen, 1606

Believe it or not:

That Salad is not good nor fair, 
If Pimpinella is not there.
Italian Proverb

(Pimpinella =Salad Burnet Sanguisorba  minor.

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  1. That is great joy in the post!! Lovely lovely blooms Titania! The plants in your garden is appreciating you :-D You have the most amazing Tibouchina. I have never seen one flowering so spectacularly before. Not even at the highlands here. Love the rest of the flowers, ferns and plants as well. It is always very pleasant to visit your garden/blog :-D You have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Stephanie; thank you so much for your appreciation and lovely comment. Another weekend,enjoy!

  2. Was für hübsche und bunte Blumen liebe Titania. Wunderbar der lila Tiboutchina, und die Wisteria sind sowieso meine Lieblinge.

    Dann wünsche ich dir angenehme Frühlingstage, schön dass ich sie mitgeniessen darf, hier gehen wir nämlich auf den Herbst zu-;)
    Liebe Grüsse nach Australien

    1. Elfe, herzlichen Dank. wünsche dir einen sonnigen, farbenfrohen Herbst.

  3. Just dropping by after a little absence, to recharge them batteries with this stimulant, fragrant, unique down under spot....the juan and only in the Caribbean....Good luck in your projects.

  4. Antigonum cajan; Thank you for dropping in, not blogging anymore? Missing your to the point posts.
    Best Wishes. T.

  5. Hi Titania, your flowers are really fantastic, it's delightful to see the shades and colors of this fine sequence of images!
    Greetings from Turin!

  6. Pietro, thank you so much for your nice words, your artistic flair comes afore.