Sunday, 6 March 2011

Orchid; Bulbophyllum flabellum veneris; Venus fan;

It is one of my favourite Orchids I am growing. It is flowering now. It is such a dainty flower.

Wandering all over and under the pot.

Many buds.

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris is a small plant which will form a large clump if grown well. It produces 4cm fan-type umbel which is variable in colouration but often yellow flushed redpurple at base of petals. This species is a good grower and will wrap around a basket to form a nice specimen. Likes plenty of water, so treefern slabs tend to be too dry unless well watered.

Plant is found on mossy rocks and tree trunks in semi deciduous forest inIndia, Burma, Laos, Thailand, penninsular Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia at elevations of 300 to 1100 meters

Keep plant in warm temperatures. Keep moist in summer seasons and do not allow mix to dry, in winter keep the mix slight dry and reduce watering. Keep good air movement to avoid fungal growth. Keep plants in shade. Pot plants in sphagnum moss, fine bark, or mounted.
Common Names:Venus' Fan Bulbophyllum

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  1. That is a very exotic and beautiful orchid! I have never seen any orchid like this. It is interesting to see they even grow under the pot. Thanks for the great info!

  2. Titania, the flowers of your garden are always so fascinating! Very beautiful images of the Orchid!

  3. Wonderful you are doing so well with orchids, Trudi, they don't like me, but I love admiring them.
    Hugs, Jan

  4. That is such a beautiful and interesting orchid! And it is very well grown. Very nice!

  5. This orchid flower is different from the usuals... interesting!

  6. It has is an interesting flower for an orchid. I am hopeless with orchids. I always kill them. However I still have 2 survivors but they never flower.

  7. Floridagirl; I can not see your blog. Google denies, it says by invitation only. I try later again.

  8. What a sweet orchid. Growing out of the pot on all sides it seems.

  9. This is one of my first never flowers at home balconies cos' its too dry. Need to grow shaded and plenty of humidity.