Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Odds and ends in the late summer garden;

Thai Basil is a vigorous grower, beloved by bees and butterflies and also by people for its flavour, a little different from the Sweet Basil, Ocimum basilicum, which I use more in my kitchen, as I like to cook the Mediterranean way.

A miniature, double Bougainvillea, miniature flowers and leaves; the shrub/climber grows to a considerable size if not pruned.

The ever popular Geisha Girl, a cultivar of Duranta repens. Letting this one grow it is very gracefully weeping, the branches laden with flowers.

In late summer Tibouchinas are in flower, this is Kathleen.

Hibiscus are still putting on a nice show of flowers.

Pink cleome has flowered all summer long. I grew this from a cutting, my neighbour Miss V. gave me in spring.The pink has faded a little. As soon as I cut it back I will make more cuttings for my daughters and  myself.

 Daylilies are having an other go, as they usually stop flowering in the hottest time of summer.

Bromeliads are putting on some colour;

All photos from my garden TS

Believe it or not;


  1. What a glorious Purple Glory Tree! Wow! You have two of my own favorite garden flowers in there...the 'Pink Versicolor' hibiscus and the Geisha Girl. Woohoo! Love 'em.

  2. What gorgeous blooms you have, Trudi!Love the shot of the've got magic in your hands. Also the Geisha girl and the Tibouchina...Amazing!!

  3. That basil is amazing. It's huge! Geisha Girl and the Tibouchina are gorgeous.

  4. Das Thaibasilikum welches ich letzten Sommer im Topf zog, war ein Winzling verglichen mit deiner Riesenpflanze. Bin ganz allgemein ein Fan von Basilikum, meinem Lieblingsgewürz im Sommer. Heute habe ich im Garten auch schon erste Austriebe der Taglilien gesehen und mich sehr gefreut darüber. Der Frühling steht tatsächlich vor der Tür und damit beginnt (endlich) auch wieder der grosse Blütenreigen im Garten....nur so üppig schön wie bei dir, sieht es hier aber nie aus!
    Viele liebe Grüsse,