Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lycoris aurea; Golden spider lily;

  The beautiful Lycoris are flowering now in my garden.  I had years when they did not show a flower. The strap like leaves are also very decorative. I have not thought to make a photo when they are out. As soon as the flowers have finished the leaves grow.

Lycoris aurea is the golden spider lily and originates from limestone areas of China. The spidery flowers face upwards and are a orange-cadmium yellow. It can often be a difficult species to get into flower. It requires a hot dry resting period during summer to promote flowering. Dressings of potash and lime are also helpful. Lycoris are splendid autumn-flowering bulbs when their requirements are met, and make excellent garden subjects and provide a good supply of cut flowers.

Lycoris is a genus in the Amaryllidaceae family from eastern Asia, mainly China and Japan. They are dormant in summer, bloom in autumn, and then grow in autumn, winter, and spring. Most grow best in the ground and they need summer warmth and some summer moisture to bloom well.

Photos TS My garden;

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  1. Wow!!! Those blossoms are incredible!

  2. So pretty flowers with a wonderful color!

  3. oh such glorious gray here, this is a delight to my eyes!

  4. They are an interesting flower. I love the wriggly edges to the petals or are they leaves? Orange is my colour this week. They sound a bit too difficult for me to grow.You have done well.

  5. such gorgeousness, the colour is fantastic! like having your own little sun in garden, no matter weather.

  6. I love the golden color of these lilies. The pink surprise lilies are the most common ones in the US, but I believe a nearby nursery carries the golden ones too. You've inspired me to check, as they are gorgeous.

  7. I am blinded by the gold !

    This plant is new to me and so tempted to get it, but in the monotonous climate here such things tend not to flower for me !

  8. This plant is gorgeous and I want one! Do they seed? Love your blog and thank you for stopping by.