Thursday, 3 February 2011

In the native plants realm;

Rhodamnia rubescens;  Scrub Turpentine;  flowers in spring, generally heavy flowering, very fragrant with a beautiful perfume. The next trees show the abundance of flowers covering the whole tree.

 Melaleuca quinquenervia bark showing the papery exfoliation from which the common name "paperbark" derives.

 Grevillia Robyn Gordon;

 Grevillia; I am not sure of its name; I grow moonlight which is a much lighter yellow and also "Lyrebird" which is a more prostrate looking shrub.

 Love the cats whiskers, Orthosiphon aristatus; they can be grown from cuttings, appreciate to get a haircut from time to time and show their striking, soft purple flowers over the summer month.

The orchid like flowers of Bauhinia alba. It flowers in spring.


Birds enjoy the red seed berries of the Bangalow palm.

Climber Hibbertia scandens winds its way through a bottlebrush;


Acacia fimbriata  seedpods;   

Believe it or not:

"One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like" 
George Carlin 


  1. Hi, very beautiful and interesting plants..

  2. I have never seen the first one. It is lovely.

  3. Thanks for all the lovely plants, T, that we do not have of course. I love that deep purple of the Orthosiphon aristatus stems that are reflected in the flower. It reminds me of an annual we have, Cleome. Interesting is that our "paperbark" is a maple.

    As we are watching the horrible weather in parts of Australia, I hope all is well.

  4. You have the most beautiful natives in your part of the world, Titania! Some are very common in our Florida gardens, like the cat whiskers and orchid trees. That melaleuca is being removed wherever it's found over here, as it tried to take over Florida (with a little help from humankind) back in the last century. I do have special memories of it as a child. A whole row was planted in my best friend's backyard, and we would stand there some days just peeling the "paper" off. I don't think anyone knew back then what a problem it would ultimately become.

  5. Hello Titania! Thanks for this nice post, all beautiful and enjoyable plants: I like so much the Grevillia, the Bangalow palm and the Climber Hibbertia.
    Happy weekend

  6. thank you for all the comments.
    Diana; here in my part of Queensland it is fine, but the devastation up north is terrible. My blogging friend Diane b has pictures. url

    Floridagirl; Yes, many natives from other countries produce problems, in our country too.
    Many beautiful plants from overseas are declared as weeds.

  7. Piękne, gorące lato :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  8. Liebe Titania

    Ach wie bin ich froh, Deinen schönen Garten in seiner alten Pracht zu sehen. Ich war ja leider beinahe drei Monate ohne Internetanschluss, habe jedoch viel an Dich und Deinen Garten gedacht.

    Hier hat jeweils ein Auslandschweizer aus Brisbane über Telefon im Radio über die Lage dort berichtet, und jetzt bin ich so froh zu hören, dass es Dir gut geht. Im obigen Link von Dir werde ich nachlesen, die Menschen müssen wirklich viel erleiden, die von einem Moment zum anderen alles verloren haben. Hier hat man viel gelesen von dem Knaben, der seinem Bruder bei der Rettung den Vortritt gelassen hat, und dann selbst in den Wassermassen umgekommen ist zusammen mit seiner Mutter, wie traurig für die Angehörigen.

    Mein Englisch hat sich nur ein wenig verbessert seit ich im Kurs bin, und ich werde mich nächstes Mal anstrengen auf Englisch zu schreiben, doch nun muss ich erst mal alle meine E-Mail-Konten etc. wieder in Ordnung bringen.

    Vielen Dank für Deine Nachfrage in meinem Blog, ein wenig geht es weiter, doch es braucht noch Zeit.
    Liebe Grüsse nach Australien

  9. Titania: You have very beautiful native plants! I have white cats whiskers in my garden, and they are just such great performers requiring little care, and so easy to root the cuttings too! I have been giving the rooted cuttings to lots of my friends now :)

  10. Ich liebe es...deine wundervollen Fotos zu betrachten...da es bei uns gerade sehr ungemütlich ist...wir haben immer noch Winter.

    Das was bei uns...oder besser in meinem Garten blüht sind Winterjasmin und die Zaubernuss...wobei sich die Schneeglöckchen auch langsam aus dem Erdreich schieben...

    Ich genieße dann noch weiter deine schönen Bilder...Danke fürs mitnehmen in eine wunderbare Blüten- und Pflanzenwelt.

    LG Faraday

  11. Absolutely beautiful Titania. I love the sunlight on them. Have a great week.

  12. these are great - so many colors and different flowers and greenery. Pretty! I really like the cat whiskers. I bet the smell is SO good! Wish it were scratch and sniff :)

  13. I've tried growing Grevillia from seeds before but never seemed to germinate for me. I suppose some pre-treatment is neeeded. That Bauhinia looks great, is it a large vine ?

  14. Hort Log; Grevillias are generally easily propagated from seed, the seed is also fairly big. It is best when the seed is fresh. This Bauhinia is a medium tree.

  15. Your tropical plants are so beautiful and exotic-looking! One summer I am going to grow Cat's Whiskers. The flowers have their own special charm and grace.

  16. All so fascinating! The abundance of blooms on the Scrub Turpentine, the grevillias, and the palm..loved going through these images. The Cat's Whiskers are very showy. Nice plant to have in one's garden.