Monday, 21 February 2011

A different Garden; Jacek Yerka;

Jacek Yerka; Surrealismo fantasia;

Life and work

Jacek Yerka was born in Torun, Poland, in 1952 - where he later studied fine art and graphic design. According to Yerka, he was pressured by his university instructors to eschew detail and realism in favor of the fashion of the times - but did not relent, adhering to the meticulous classic Flemish technique that still typifies his work. In time they came to see him as a brilliant - though troubled - talent. Yerka graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, specializing in printmaking. He began working full time as an artist in 1980.
Yerka cites Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Cagliostro, Jan van Eyck, and Hugo van der Goes as formative influencers of his work. His subject matter ranges from odd beasts to whimsical landscapes incorporating extraordinary architecture, and include imagery gleamed from his childhood, such as his grandmothers kitchen. Says Yerka, "For me, the 1950s were a kind of Golden Age ... If I were, for instance, to paint a computer, it would definitely have a pre-war aesthetic to it."
Work typically progresses from a graphite sketch, to crayon drawing, then a pastel com, and finally an acrylic painting.

I love his fantastic surrealistic paintings. 


  1. Great imagination from the artist :-D I wonder what's the black ball is. Those swans bring calmness and serenity to the maze...

  2. i also absolutely am in love with this painting

  3. What an artist! The painting is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. WOW, what a gorgeous painting! I love it!

  5. .... an excavation of the childhood past which delves into the connectedness of the real and the abstract by creating a conversation between space and colours.

    Actually I copied it from somewhere, but seems to make sense here : )

  6. beautiful, multilayered, love it!