Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tipuana tipu; Fabaceae-Faboideae

This semi-evergreen tree is native to the tropical forest of South America. Grown primarily for it's panicles of pea-like spring flowers, the foliage is not bad either: bright green leaves that are oblong with notched tips and downy undersides. Grow where soil is moist but well-drained and soil is fertile.
Galahs love to come and eat the seed which sits in winged pods.

For a while we are privileged to walk on petals;

The roots of certain trees can be very aggressive in their search for moisture. Paved areas that have been lifted by the force of roots are a good example.
A cool environment in the soil underneath pavers, with the addition of moisture seeping through the cracks of bricks creates a perfect growing environment for the roots of these types of trees.

Service pipes, particularly concrete or terracotta ones, have a history of damage and disturbance from tree roots. Tree roots are persistent and surprisingly strong, and will take advantage of any opportunity to get inside sewer pipes. This will happen through a small crack or fracture, or through ill-fitting pipe joints. Whether living in a home with an established garden or whether moving into a new house with a new garden, it is wise to check where the service pipes are located.

Believe it or not:
Weeds know, they just know where to grow, how to dupe you, and how to camouflage themselves among the perfectly respectable plants, they just know, and therefore, I've concluded weeds must have brains. ~Dianne Benson, Dirt, 1994

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  1. You will have a golden landscape if they are abundance of the yellow flowers on the ground he he... This is such a magnificent tree! Tall and big.

    Talking about roots. Last year, after we chopped off a tree that had grown on top of my double-storey home, we discovered its root has grown into the pipe and has reached the back of my kitchen at ground floor. So, yes! I believe plants have brain... they can figure out ways to get water! :-D

  2. Hi, beautiful pictures, that tree is native here, and now in my house is in full bloom. look him is wonderful.

  3. Trudy, you have some very beautiful trees in your garden. I particulary love the long shot showing the carpet of petals and a little corner of your house. I have trouble imagining how you fit so many beautiful plants into your garden :)
    In our zone 5 Hellebores usually flower in the spring, but they may have a few blooms at other times of the year. The one in my post produced a few small flowers while still in a pot during the summer of '09 but, to my disappointment, it didn't bloom this past spring. I counted more than 25 buds when I first discovered its blooms a few weeks ago! Yesterday we had snow and this morning it looks just as beautiful as ever. In warmer zones it will often begin blooming at Christmas time, hence the name "Christmas Rose".

  4. That should say, 'particularly' :)

  5. I like the photographs of the petal-strewn ground and pathway. Your garden always looks so beautiful. And the quote made me smile. Yes, weeds have brains!:)

  6. Love that quote! So true! Your tipuana tipu is beautiful! Very impressive specimen. Love that flower-strewn lawn.

  7. Hallo...danke für die tollen Fotos...und da hast du es ja echt gut...über Blütenblätter zu laufen...das Vergnügen hatte ich noch nicht. Duften diese Blüten?

    Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende

    Grüße von Faraday

  8. Titania, the images of your beautiful garden are always so pleasant. I like the idea of the weeds with brains, it's true in some way.
    Have a very pleasant Sunday!

  9. These are really beautiful trees. They can be found in a lot of the larger gardens in South Africa. I know that I planted one somewhere, but cannot recall where. When I do remember I will go and pay it a visit.
    I enjoyed your SWF photos as well.

  10. Hi Titania,that is an impressive high tree with lovely yellow flowers. It is interesting how strong and aggressive roots this tree has. It's an amazing way this tree finds way to get water. I love all your photos and the last one made me smile. Your dog is so cute. It seems to me he/she kept an eye on you while pretended watching something else.


    Is your tree the same as the Singapore tree I posted? It gave me good memories, me and my siter used to pick the sprays if flowers blown by the wind and pretend to get married.