Monday, 29 November 2010

Across the garden from spring to summer....

Please click the pictures;

This is the entrance of the garden facing south and shaded by big trees.

Here I grow sky blue and pink, tall tropical Salvias and a dark pink Bougainvillea;

In the middle of spring the climber Baumontia grandiflora shows off spectacular bell flowers.

The pond attracts daily visitors, feathered friends come to drink and have a bath. I also have seen a whipsnake, not to be missed with its iridescent colours, to come and have a drink.

Gardenia grandiflora is in full flower now. In front the big leaves of a young tree fern. They seed freely when it is rainy and the soil is moist. A beautiful triangle palm is growing in between the plants and providing some shade.

Daylilies, Agapanthus and many other treasured plants are growing in this terraced area which faces North, and is hot in summer.

The chooks are an inquisitive lot...

Wild, simple china roses are my favourites. This one is growing in my court yard garden near the entrance.

Part of the terraced garden;

I like to grow many different grasses. This one is a very tall one in a deep red colour. The leaves are much broader then the blood grass. The flowers are pink with long soft hair swaying to and fro.

Different blue Salvias are still in full flower;

Two very big Gardenia shrubs are scenting the whole garden.

Believe it or not:

The seed is hope; the flower is joy.

Photos TS


  1. Hi, nice pictures.. flowers are really beautiful, i liked..

  2. Love your garden views, Titania! It is my kind of garden...a botanical wonderland with lots of winding paths. I especially love than Baumontia. So beautiful! Were you the one saying your lot is smaller than mine? It looks so much bigger in the photos.

  3. ...wunderschöne Fotos...die von Garten und Blütenduft träumen lassen... in meinem Garten haben die Pflanzen nun weiße Schneehäubchen bekommen...und es soll kalt werden...bis -20°...also genau das gegenteilige Wetter...


  4. beautiful place and photos
    no flowers here any more,
    maybe ice flowers on the windows

  5. Lovely garden Titania! I can imagine it to be really nice to walk along the paths as shown in your pictures. The plants are all so ready to please visitors :-D

    Btw, your cotton bag at your other blog is a good idea. Also you reminded me to wash my bag ;-)

  6. Looking for a flaw, my vocation, could not find any. Congratulations.

    That is the type of garden I would enjoy visiting, moving back and forth to find the movement in the composition, effects, contrasts, what a garden should be.

    Too many gardens leave no impression, it is just plants that once you pass by a particular space, is gone, that is that.

    I feel the trick is in the planting, when walking and observing, it does not look the same from different cardinal points. Often the sight requires to stop to enjoy it slowly.. wishing to return.

    Until then...

    Until then...

  7. Your beautiful garden is really rich with various and colorful flowers and other beautiful plants and I cannot stop admiring its beauty over and over again.

  8. Titania, this is another really enjoyable trip through your beautiful garden. Very nice pictures!

  9. HI i am new here, i came to view the latest post to pick, but then i like this previous post better. I love your garden because it is tropical almost like ours. I can even see mangoes growing nicely. Is it Kensington? I am not yet familiar also with Blotanicals so i dont know how to pick those not yet in the list there in the picks window.

  10. Du zeigst so viel Schönes aus deinem Gartenparadies, das z.T. auch bei uns wächst, aber worauf wir noch fast sechs Monate warten müssen bis es auch hier wieder blüht. Möchte am liebsten die Zeit ein wenig "beschleunigen". Vermisse den Rosenduft....aber eben, alles hat seine Zeit. Wünsche die einen schönen, "sommerlichen" Advent ;-) !!
    Sei lieb gegrüsst,

  11. Hi Trudi,
    I read that Australians have the largest homes in the world (overtaking USA in 2009)and you open a window on what to do with a large estate .... now I am truly envious !