Monday, 1 November 2010

Epiphillums; upon the leaf;

Epiphyllums are popular house plants, with numerous hybrids and cultivars. Please click pics.

Epiphyllum "upon the leaf" in Greek) is a genus of 19 species of epiphytic plants in the cactus family (Cactaceae), native to Central America. Common names for these species include orchid cacti and leaf cacti.
The stems are broad and flat, 1-5 cm broad, 3-5 mm thick, usually with lobed edges. The flowers are large, 8-16 cm diameter, white to red, with numerous petals.
The fruit is edible.

How to Care for Epiphyllum ,planting and growing instructions, here and here

Believe it or not:
Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade. TS

Photos from my garden TS


  1. You have some fabulous colours in this collection, Titania. The fuchsia pink and the white are definitely my favourites. Now I have another plant to add to my wish list ... it's just getting longer and longer!

  2. Als ich klein war hatten wir den als Zimmerpflanze.Die Blüten waren herrlich.
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. They are lovely I must add them to my garden. Thanks for introducing me to Epiphyllum

  4. Hello dear Trudi! I so much enjoyed hearing from you. Your lovely comment was such a pleasure to read.
    The Epiphyllums are beautiful, aren't they? I have a red flowered one - a houseplant - in a hanging basket that delights us with a profusion of flowers during early winter and again in the spring.
    What a wonderful selection you have. Your garden never ceases to amaze me :) I hope you're enjoying glorious spring weather dear friend.

  5. Awesome! I love night-blooming cereus! I have some I started from leaf pieces last year. Two distinct varieties, but I've never seen them bloom, so I don't know what they look like yet. (It will be an exciting day!) They are very fast-growing, I've discovered. I'm thinking of throwing some pieces on my tree trunks, as I saw a couple of old oak trees in town blooming with them earlier in the summer.

  6. Trudi, you do have the most fascinating collection of plants! These are so pretty! The ones blooming on the tree trunk....spectacular!

  7. Fabulous photos of magnificent plants. Your garden must be filled with colour.

  8. Epiphyllum plant is beautiful, the flowers are so pretty and decorative. All very delightful images, Titania!

  9. Pretty giants :-D Love the red one and they are reminding that Christmas is approaching. The stamens of the flowers made it look magical and admirable. Titania... you are master gardener yourself!

  10. What a gorgeous flowers! We have only cactuses indoors in my country!
    I also liked your post for Sky Watch! When I was in New Zealand I only stayed on the South Island, so I didn't see this tower!
    I wish you a very happy SWF.

  11. The flowers are gorgeous. I love your shot on the skywatch homepage too.

  12. Fancy blooms! They remind me of holiday cacti.

  13. Are these the mid night blooming ones which the Chinese call Midnight glory? I prefer the slightly pink ones. Of course I am biased, those were the ones my parents grew, they were not hybrid and blooming once in so many years.

    You come again next year for the Rugby world cup?

  14. I am amazed with the flowers you have in your garden. This flower and its various colors is absolutely stunning.