Monday, 6 September 2010

My Kitchen Garden; part one;

Vegetables, salads, berries and fruit are a big part of our diet.

Over winter we can grow potatoes.There is nothing to compare with the humble potato when it is home grown .The skin is gossamer thin and must not be peeled off as many of the nutrients are contained in the skin of the potato.
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In the cool season broccoli grows very well.

Through winter we grow strawberries. they grow and ripen through spring and early summer.

Left Spanish onions and leeks are grown through winter into spring and early summer.

Beetroot are growing very well in winter and are ready now to start harvesting. They are very tender and sweet. Summer crops does not so well they are quickly getting bitter in the heat.

A very big bush of Basil, small leaves, it is a great attraction for bees. Grows and flowers all year round and it is not attacked by grasshoppers like the large leaved Basil.

We grow three types of tomatoes nearly all year round. Roma, Ox-heart and a small version which is very prolific and tasty.

Most of the surplus is roasted and used later.

Near the vegetable garden grows this white Azalea with these unusual dark pink stripes and blotches. I find it rather attractive.

Believe it or not:
A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill
except for learning how to grow in rows.


  1. Wow, you grow a lot of veggies! What a bountiful harvest! It seems your growing season is identical to Florida's. Little grows here in the way of veggies in summertime. Strawberry fields are huge in my neck of the woods, and March (late winter) is high season for harvest, give or take a month. Love that quote at the end!

  2. Da kann ich nur neidisch zusehen.Im Winter ist hier nicht viel zu ernten.
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. I have enjoyed seeing the fruits of your garden. I enjoy having a vegetable garden but we have such a small area around our house - we poke things in where we can and it's surprising just how much we can grow. I think our main growing season will be behind your's as it's cooler here but I am so looking forward to having a full spring garden soon.

  4. Oh wow that's a lot of vege! Love the sight of your tomatoes... so many. How nice if I can garden like you. No need to go supermarket any more ;-)

  5. looks fantastic! i could if i liked grow it all here too during the summer months, still, haven't gotten around to it. next year, next year is my mantra. hoping to grow those potatoes at least next spring, radishes, courgette, beetroots and carrots would be nice too...

  6. Du hast vollkommen Recht, liebe Trudi, es gibt keine besseren Kartoffeln, als die aus dem eigenen Garten! Du bist natürlich verwöhnt mit deinem Klima, kannst das ganze Jahr hindurch anpflanzen und ernten. Meine Tomatenernte ist fertig, da die Pflanzen wiederum krank geworden sind (und ich ja nie spritze). Ich habe mir zum "Trost" einen Aprikosenbaum gekauft und gepflanzt :-) ! Und heute werden noch die Winterzwiebeln gesteckt...und der einzige Kürbis geerntet. Dieses Jahr hatte ich eine regelrechte Zucchinischwemme und dies von einer einzigen Pflanze :-) !!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüsst,

  7. Titania, your garden is beautiful! and so productive, and I must say our basil has never grown that large. There is nothing like homegrown potatoes, broccoli, beets... We are so thankful to grow our own food, know what is in it, and harvest it fresh from the garden.

    What do you do with the tomatoes after you have roasted them?

  8. I didn't know you can grow potatoes in winter. I bought $10 seed potatoes quite late summer, the plants grew for a while, then the cold killed them. I must dig to see if I get any.

    The tomatoes look good. You call them sundried tomatoes?

  9. Mmmm ich liebe Gschwellti und Käse und so eine gebackene Tomate dazu, was will man mehr *lach*.
    So viel gibt Euer Garten her, herrlich. Da geht Dir die Arbeit nie aus liebe Titania, kann ich mir vorstellen, da seid Ihr richtige Selbstversorger.
    Liebe Grüsse

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