Sunday, 19 September 2010

Darlings of spring;

Dendrobium Orchids;

Dendrobium aphillum; The dried stems of this plant are used as immune system booster.

The wonderful Australian rock Orchid; Dendrobium speciosum;

There are about 1500 different Dendrobium orchids.
If you are interested in growing this wonderful plants please click here

I grow these Orchids outside on and under trees; in dappled shade;

All pictures from my garden.

Believe it or not:
The stems and flowers of certain Dendrobium orchids are used as powerful immune system boosters in Chinese herbal medicine.


  1. I love orchids so thoroughly enjoyed seeing your lovely photos. You must have such a beautiful garden. It was interesting about the stem being used as an immune booster.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful Dendrobium collection! That native orchid is awesome.

  3. You have some lovely Dendrobs ... my favourite is the Rock Orchid though. I just adore the abundance of flowers on that one ... yours is magnificent! Fascinating the way the Chinese use the stems and flowers ... I wonder who found out about these properties?

  4. My dendrobium is in bloom right now. Love these blooms...especially the Australian Rock Orchid. Fantastic!!

  5. They are just sooooo beautiful. Every time I have been given an orchid it has died except for the last 2 I have managed to keep them alive, but they have never bloomed a second time?????One is under trees in dappled light the other is in a pot on the balcony.

  6. Hi Trudi, what an amazing collection of dendrobium orchids! They're all so beautiful! Your photos has given me more ideas. About your question on my blog about orchids, I can't say whether they are Australian natives. I'm only beginning to learn about orchids now. Your posts are always so inspiring.

  7. Maybe it's one of those dried up stems and flowers I have seen selling at Chinese herbal stores he he... there are so many kinds!

    All these orchids are really darlings!! I am sure they look super awesome in real. Those florist phalaenopsis can't beat these beauties.

  8. Wunderbar diese Orchideen liebe Titania. Ich hätte gerne eine Orchidee in einer Wohnung, doch auf der Südseite ist zu viel Sonne, auf der Westseite würde vielleicht gehen, doch im Winter ist es zu warm wegen der Heizung.

    Vielleicht versuche ich es doch wieder einmal, nachdemm ich diese lieblichen Blumen hier in Deinem Post gesehen habe.
    Liebe Grüsse

  9. Your Orchid flowers are stunning. What precious you have in your own garden!

  10. Hi Trudi,
    my first time visiting your new blog, its a lovely as before....the Dendros really do well for you - the Chinese call this Shi Dou and the extracted Dendrobine is very expensive. Just a note - Dendrobium aphillum is probably aphyllum - a depiction that it often blooms on bare stems.


  11. My computer keeps crashing, so I write a short comment.

    The first photo, you left the already "Flowered stem." on the plant.

    My parents cut them off, and then hang these stems . Soon they will propagate and you get new saplings.

    The other reason, is if these stems remain on the plant, they won't flower again, and is liken to a parasite plant draining nutrient from the plant, so the new stems don't produce beautiful flowers.

    Have you experimented on this?

  12. Your orchids are beautiful! I didn't know that orchids could bloom in such profusion.

  13. The picture looks great Mum. I love the orchids too - some are flowering in my garden. Love the look of your new blog. Love ML