Sunday, 29 August 2010

Viva Pink;

I do not know the name of this Daisy. I grew it through winter from a cutting which I received from my daughter, which she received from a friend. I love to grow daisies their simplicity intrigues me. (Please do click all the pictures to see the lovely details of the flowers.)

This Cocktail Rose has grown from the root system of a Tea Rose.
The Tea Rose has still got fresh growth but not yet any buds. Perhaps this little stranger is stronger and will take over. I do not mind, as it is such a pretty thing they used for the rootstock. It is scented as well.

All my "Dream Time" azaleas are flowering abundantly, the bushes are covered in these huge silvery pink flowers.

The large flowers of the Cymbidium Orchid have a long flowering season but have now finished.

Camellias are still producing flowers .They had a very good season too.

Some of the Tillandsias, this is T.cyanea are flowering now. Tillandsias have very showy flowers.

Anthurium flowers on and on. They make beautiful cut-flowers.

I like these old fashioned plants which have become the favourites of landscapers.
Nothing beats a Bougainvillea in full bloom covering a Verandah.

Believe it or not:
One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show

All photos from my garden TS.


  1. You certainly have lovely colour in your garden, your photos are beautiful.

  2. Was lese ich da, du hast deinen Blog geschlossen? Für immer? Dann muss ich wohl den Link auch ändern? Nun, da bin ich froh, dass ich in deinem neuen Blog hier wiederum von deinem Garten Bilder sehen und News lesen kann. Dein "Gänseblümchen" könnte ein spanisches Gänseblümchen "erigeron karvinskianus" sein, was meinst du? Die Farbe wechselt von weiss zu rosa und die Blüten sind sehr klein. Ich liebe dieses Pflänzchen!
    Es liebs Sunntigsgrüessli,

  3. lovely colours!

    (i may have missed som information, but i am curious as to why you stopped blogging over at yesterday....?)

  4. Your anthurium is really pretty! The plant look gorgeous. Nice tillies and camelia. You have so many wonderful blooms in your garden. I wish I could just drop by to have a look :-D

  5. Trudi...what a lovely name for a blog!! Lavender and Vanilla...I love it! as for the colours and flowers in your garden...they're the loveliest! Those anthuriums are doing so well! Tillsandias are spectacular. Mine died because I think I over-watered it:( Maybe some day....

    A beautiful pink post. Happy gardening!

  6. Such beautiful blooms! Nice to see, as I am missing the blooms on my camellias, azaleas, and tis this time of year. We still have a few more months before those blooms appear here. Your cymbidiums and tillandsias are gorgeous! I have T. cyanea too in my garden, but they are not blooming right now either.

  7. Marilyn thank you.

    Barbara, I grow Erigeron. I n this warm climate it grows and spreads fast. It is a beautiful "Gaensebluemchen." The Daisy on my post is an upright small bush with different foliage and the flowers are bigger.

    Pia, Yesterday....has 258 posts and I thought it was enough.

    Stephanie; you would be so welcome!

    Kanak, I lost once a T.cynanea because it got to wet. Generally I grow them now on trees and like this they are pretty save.

    Floridagirl, once the sun gets higher again and warmer, the plants awake so quickly. Yesterday there were tiny buds on the Wisteria, now they are already fat...not long to go. Thats how spring is always in a hurry!

    Thank you all for the visits and comments.

  8. Hi Titania, I also wondered like Pia why the change. Of course the best and only reason is the one you gave: you felt it was time for a change! And thanks for the pink post - it is a soft romantic colour and goes well with lavender and vanilla. cheers, catmint

  9. Hello Titania! This sequence of images is so delightful, and you know so well the names of the flowers! I like a lot the pink daisies, they are really special!
    Happy Wednesday :-)

  10. Hallo liebe Titania

    Pink ist immer ein Aufsteller für die Seele, die Bumen, die Du zeigst sind wieder wunderschön. Die zweitletzte Pflanze finde ich auch ganz gelungen. Wär schön mal eine Luftaufnahme von Eurem Garten zu sehen, ich stelle mir den riesig vor.

    Übrigens habe ich gestern Australier angetroffen in unserer Stadt, sympathische Polizisten und Polizistinnen aus Down Under, einer hat sogar dem Didger...wie heisst es schon wieder *lach* wundersame Klänge entlockt. Habe ihnen mit zwei, drei Bildern ein Kränzchen gewoben in meinem Blog-;)

    Schönen Tag in Down Under
    Liebe Grüsse

  11. Your new blog name is delightful! Lavender and Vanilla are two of my favourite fragrances.
    And pink is my favourite colour in the garden.
    Your daisy looks like an Argyranthemum/Marguerite Daisy to me. I grew a yellow one and a pink one this summer but alas, the pink died. I have no idea why. My mother used to grow them in her garden and I've always loved them, especially now as they remind me of her :)
    She grew beautiful bougainvilleas on her back deck too. And Jasmine. Do you have that as well? It's another one of my favourite fragrances.
    Camellia is another one she grew. Your garden brings fond memories :)
    Glorious pink blooms, Trudi. And beautiful photos.

  12. What a wonderful wealth of flowers! We have mainly spring blossoms...