Saturday, 3 December 2016

To the end of year...2016


Spiral ginger



Bromeliad Pitcairnia

Hoya carnosa


Darling Billy passed away 3.September 2016, always remembered.

Native cats whiskers, I love this folksy name.

Essentials from the kitchen garden, for their beauty and wellness agents.

Some wicked. fantastic, native bees building their hives.


Trees, plant trees!

Chickens, Kitchen and Garden" work well together.  I could not imagine living without these essentials for a healthy and happy life.

A herb garden is a must it might be just a few pots to tend every day.

...and sometimes you might be inspired by something growing in the kitchen garden.


Fresh from the are what you eat.

Citrus fruit are slowly changing colour.

It was a big one, nearly one kg. Rollinia a big tree with an abundance of fruit.


A bouquet of roses from the garden.

Awesome flowers of a native paperbark, food for many birds and insects from ants to bees.

At this time of year the kitchen garden is prolific.


Red is a prominent colour in winter. Gerbera.

Slavia Adenophora flowers through winter into  late spring.

Geraniums like the cooler seasons.

Tomatoes are  can be harvested nearly  throughout the year.


Winter is blooming colourful.

Dendrobium Orchids, as beautiful they look, as easy they are to grow on trees.

Nothing can replace the wonderful geraniums.

Light and shade on a Alexandra Palm tree trunk decorated with Lichen "doilies".


my favourite month of the year.

The first Hippeastrums.

Rose Crepuscule


Dendrobium Orchids, as tough as old boots.


... and more of the flamboyant Hippeastrums, grown from seed over 30 years.

Not to forget the beautiful Jacaranda flowering through October and November.


Showing of a few of the lovely spider dsylilies, surley becoming my favourites.

just started

December 10. 3:39 PM 

Scenting the garden;

Lovely Duranta 'Geisha Lady' flowers have a vanilla scent.

Beautifully scented Lantana white and purple flower together. 

As we had some rain the lovely  rain lilies Pink Zephyrantes make a lovely show along the driveway.

Boxing day, 26/12/2016


Lovely rain refreshed the garden.
Agave attenuata

Bobby, born 20/07/2016
She helps in the garden, digging holes. She has a sweet nature and is a clever girl. 

A few pictures from the butterfly garden from last year at the same time 30/12/2015

This year was so dry most of the time all these have not flowered at all this year.

Pentas are generally tough, but this year there is not much of a show.

The beautiful cone flower/Echinacea has neither made an appearance. 

Kangaroo Paw is still green but also no flowers. 

The last Photo from this year, Lagerstoemia speciosa/ Pride of India, flowering now.

All Photos from my garden Ts

Do not follow a ready made path, do make your own trail, your own steps into the unknown 2017. Ts

Happy New Year to all.


  1. So envious of your kitchen garden. Lovely shots of your plants throughout the year.

  2. Wunderbar liebe Titania. Ich habe erst mal alles im Schnelldurchlauf angesehen, später werde ich mich nochmals eingehend in deinem Garten mit den prächtigen Blumen und Pflanzen aufhalten. Liebe Grüsse von Elfe

    1. Danke liebe Elfe. Immer so schoen dich hier zu treffen.

  3. I am so sorry for Billy. He was a happy part of your surrounding and he also had his role on the net.
    What to say for the the photos- Brilliant as always.

    1. Thank you dear El. Glad to see you having a peek in my garden. Yes, still missing Billy. Have adopted a new little whirlwind. Bobby, full of beans and mischief, but adorably affectionate.