Sunday, 4 December 2016

My daylily seedlings 2016

Seed sown 2014; first flowers 2016. Not all  have flowered yet. Conditions were not optimal.

Seedling  Bossa Nova 2016

Seedling Jodel 2016

Seedling mini Softie 2016

Seedling mini Sofie 2016

Seedling mini Yellow Button 2016

Seedling Oma's Kiss 2016

Seedling mini Trin 2016

Seedling Spider Starling 2016

Seedling Violetta 2016

Seedling Minimouse 2016

Seedling Flamenco 2016

Seedling Billy's Joy 2016

Seedling Golden Door 2016

Seedling Delie 2016

Seedling Abendsonne 2016

Seedling Aplomb 2016

Seedling BonBon 2016 has not yet reached its full potential, but I am sure it will in its second year of flowering. So I give it another chance.

Seedling Nile 2016

Seedling Carina 2016 has not reached its full potential, another chance for this one as well. If it does not improve it will be discarded. Generally the second flowering is better. 

Seedling Mona 2016

31/01 2018 Added  some flowered in 2017

Seedling Allegra

Seedling Aria

Seedling Birdie


Seedling Caramia

Seedling Primadonna

Seedling LilliM

Seedling Berry

Seedling Evensong

Seedling Trixie

There are more, but some have not yet flowered.

Believe it or not:

Tomorrow is another day!

© Photos mygarden Ts


  1. Hi Tiitania, those flowers are exotic and lovely. Impressive photography skill, thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Amelia thank you. Christmas time nearly gone and New Year is waiting behind the door. These are great times for desserts, cakes and cookies. different countries have different traditions. Christmas day we had a typical Australian dessert, Pavlova with tropical fruit and lashings of whipped cream. I wish you a happy New Year and keep creating your lovely desserts.