Monday, 9 April 2012

Photo-studies of "Bella"; Brugmansia;

Golden, waxy bells unfurling, eeny, meeny , miny mo...

Open luminosity...

Petticoats swinging  in the morning breeze...

Sun kissed tears...

Light and colour, unique...

Seductive exuberance...


Subtle harmony of nature's beauty.

Aptly named Angel's Trumpets, Brugmansia,
 is a genus of large, woody, perennial plants in the Solanaceae (Nightshade) family. 
The name Angel’s Trumpet refers to the very large flowers which are funnel, tubular, or trumpet shaped. There are currently seven recognized species of Brugmansia and hundreds of hybrids. Some hybrids appear to be naturally occurring.

Flava – Yellow.
Flava is a cross between Sanguinea and Arborea. The flowers are approx 8 – 10 inches. Flowers have a yellowish green vein.

Brugmansias hail from tropical America with a range throughout Central and South America including some Islands of the Caribbean. Among the various species characteristics can vary greatly but they all carry similar traits common to the genus. Brugmansias are long lived, woody, perennials which can attain heights up to 8 meters with a nearly equal spread in some species.
Most species and their hybrids have highly fragrant flowers. The flower’s large size, obvious beauty, and intoxicating scent, mainly in the evening, have made them popular garden and container plants throughout the World. There are millions of growers and collectors worldwide and several organizations and groups which cater solely to the genus Brugmansia.

Believe it or not: Hold a true friend with both hands.

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  1. Absolutely lovely! They are such magnificent looking flowers.

  2. Beautiful photos of the huge flowers. Aren't they highly poisonous?

  3. Bernie; thank you, yes, I think so too; they flower on and on, displaying their beauty.

  4. Diane; Thank you; yes, they are, but who wants to eat them? Many plants in the garden are poisonous. These just got a bad reputation because some fools used them and went on a trip!

  5. I love brugs, mine are just getting growing good after winter...can hardly wait to smell those delightful blooms!

    1. Darla, thank you for your visit. Yes, they have got everything, looks, scen,t easy to grow and look after. A perfect plant for the garden.

  6. Stunning blooms and photos Trudi. I love the shot of the blooms with the house in the background. The fifth picture is also absolutely beautiful!!

    I tried commenting via Wordpress but that seems to be difficult here. So I'm here from my Blogger blog.


  7. Powerful flowers and images, Titania. These Angel's Trumpets are really impressive, wonderful the macro photos!
    Have a pleasant day!

    1. Thank you Pietro, always appreciate your comments.

  8. Are these Angel's trumpets blooming the whole year

    1. Hi Ann, yes they flower on and off; quite a performance all year round.