Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My unkempt garden...part 2

Daylilies, Hemerocallis are generally not grown in Daylily borders, they are planted between shrubs etc. to give a spot of surprise with their softly or vividly coloured flowers peeking out between the greenery.

I love those unexpected visitors hanging around;
Green Hawkmoth Australia; Aenetus tegulatus.

Mingling, yellow tropical Salvia, Bloodgrass and Colocasia;

Tibouchina grandiflora happily growing together with a diversity of plants.

Here grows a sunny coloured Salvia together with Bromeliads, Agapanthus, Ti and a Frangipani;

The Vanilla scented Bauhinia corymbosa is a vigorous semi climber, winding its way through shrubs and up trees.

I love the lippie pink Madagascar Periwinkles, Catharanthus, seeding, not obtrusive, easily merging with other shrubs.

Is there anything more beautiful then sunlight on soft green leaves?

Mussaenda Queen Sirikit;

Mussaenda, red flag tree;

Plover's eggs, a very simple nest in the grass;

White Penta, African Iris and Geraniums growing together.

Believe it or not:

May those who love us love us,
and those who do not love us,
may God turn their hearts,
and if He cannot turn their hearts
may He turn their ankles
that we may know them by their limping.
~Irish Prayer

Smile and have a good day!


  1. That little prayer is funny... love to see those limping people he he...

    Your garden is so filled with texture and pretty flowers. Love the sight of the pic with bloodgrass. And that Bauhinia corymbosa is such a wonderful plant.

  2. With all this rain it helps them all cluster together. So is massed planting out and mixed planting in? I too love the light shining through leaves.

  3. That is exactly my type of garden! We have such a small space here, that I must interplant to be able to have variety. No sweeping masses of the same plant here. My aunt always grew her daylilies in daylily beds, with aisles to walk down, but with a couple acres of land, you can afford to do that. I grow mine tucked in here and there, like you do, though often they get swallowed up by larger growing plants. Love all your tropical beauties!

  4. Stephanie, thank you for your comment; yes I thought this was a special prayer with a smile attached.

    Diane; I know mass plantings look good, but it is to boring for me I need lots of variety! Hope the sunshine stays.

    Floridagirl, I used to grow plants together en masse, I still do in a small way. I just like the look of different, mingling plants.

  5. That's a witty but inspiring prayer with a little bit of humour thrown in. The pale peach daylily is gorgeous. Oh, how I wish my yellow daylily will flower again. The plover's eggs look so delicate and exposed. I'm worried somebody will step on it.

  6. Love the picture of the sunlight shining through the greenery. That's always a beautiful sight.

    The Bauhinia corymbosa is beautiful, and the fragrance sounds wonderful. I love the red flag tree too.

  7. Dear Titania

    I´m hopping the weather in your country will return better soon.

    Lovely pictures.

    Smile and have a good day! :)

    António (Accountant and accounting public debts!...)

  8. I'd never have thought about daylilies being planted like that. I like that element of surprise you have in your garden. Loved the picture of the hawkmoth. Nice varieties of salvia and that bauhinia corymbosa is gorgeous!

  9. Titania, you have such beautiful flowers and plants in your garden. I enjoy these nice pictures and the prayer too!
    Happy Sunday :-)

  10. I hope no one accidentally steps on the plover eggs,