Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Rose is not a Rose....

this is Apricot Nectar;

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Apricot Nectar does very well in my garden zone 11. It is an easy rose to grow, wonderful to pick for a vase. Flowers nearly all year round. Cuttings take well in winter.
It is a pleasure to grow this rose.

'Apricot Nectar' is a floribunda rose with fully-doubled, fragrant, apricot to apricot-pink flowers borne in tight clusters with mid-green leaves.
Average rating :excellent
Apricot or apricot blend Floribunda.
Registration name: Apricot Nectar
Bred by Eugene S. "Gene" Boerner (United States, before 1964).
Strong, fruity fragrance. Double (17-25 petals) bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the year in my climate.
Height (60 to 120 cm). Width of (60 to 90 cm). Spring Pruning: Remove old canes and dead or diseased wood and cut back canes that cross. In warmer climates, cut back the remaining canes by about one-third

Believe it or not:

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn. -Persian Proverb


  1. It is a beautiful rose. I have always been too scared to grow roses but that one sounds easy.

  2. Portugal.
    Its raining, snowing, winding, colding...

    Very happy to see beutifull news about your garden.

    Best regards from Portugal

  3. 'Apricot Nectar' is lovely! and fragrant too, what a nice rose.

  4. Beautiful roses, Titania, I enjoy them a lot. The color is so shaded and delicate.

  5. What a beautiful the colour.

  6. Przypomina mi się lato, pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

  7. Beautiful rose and a lovely color.

  8. Lovely with the soft yellow centers.

  9. That is a lovely rose! What a beautiful shade of apricot!

  10. I like apricot Roses - it is a colour that seems to fade very gracefully.

  11. Beautiful. Now I wish I could just smell them.

  12. I love your Apricot Roses. They are so very beautiful.