Monday, 27 December 2010

Red and Green;

Red and green....interspersed with a little yellow, blue, purple and silver gray.

Clicking the photos shows the details;

This gorgeous, little creature was found in the garden of my friend Silvia in Portugal.

Red Epiphyllums, cherished in spring.

I do appreciate this lacquer red Neoregelia, a Bromeliad species.

The rather brilliant Nasturtium flowers liven up any salad!

The dark red bottlebrushes are a beautiful feature of this Australian native tree.

Basil grows abundantly in the garden and makes the best ever pesto sauce.
The Genoese housewives would prepare this sauce for their husbands when they returned from their fishing trips.The men starved of greens, welcomed this delicacy with gusto.

Home made Basil Pesto. Recipes are found in any good Italian cookbook. Mine comes from the Book "Olive Oil; from Tree to Table;"

I do like the self seeding red Salvia rutilans, also called Pineapple sage, as the leaves have a pineapple scent.

A rose called "Ilona"!

Luscious watermelon;

Hippeastrums, the prominent, red colour in my garden.

Believe it or not:
In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams


  1. Lovely reds and greens, Titania! Feels so Christmas-y, and yet spring-y and summer-y at the same time. : )

  2. Fabulous photos here - and you pesto looks so good!

  3. Beautiful reds and greens! The rose is especially stunning!

  4. Deine Fotos sind einfach nur toll...und stehen im krassen Gegensatz zum tief verschneiten Deutschland...aber sie künden davon, das es auch bei uns wieder Sommer werden wird.
    Beneidenswert finde ich, das es Chamelions, eines meiner Lieblingstier, in Portugal gibt...
    also ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie alles Gute...
    PS: Feiert ihr jetzt auch Weihnachten...ich weis, das ist eine komische Frage, aber sie kommt von meinem kann es sich gerade mal nicht vorstellen.

  5. It's wonderful to come here and see all of these summery things when it's cold and white and blustery here.

    I like your quote from William Carlos Williams. I have not read his poetry, but the collection in The Doctor Stories are my favorite short stories.

  6. I simply LOVE your photos! What a treat to see the combination of red and green colours! That, I've never seen anything like that! I have the same self-seeding salvia but I didn't know what the cultivar was. Glad you included the name.

  7. I love having a blogging buddy on the other side of the world! When it is dreary and snowing outside (as it is right now) I can always come and feast on your spring garden. Makes me smile every time.

  8. It looks warm! Wonderful! Bei uns ist Winter mit viel Schnee.
    Ein gutes neues jahr.

  9. wow chameleon ! I don't know they can be found in Europe too !