Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November has arrived; almost a summer garden.

Today I picked the first Gladioli I planted for picking.

The kitchen garden provides now many Zucchini, green, yellow and mottled.

I try to cook this vegetable in many different ways.
 Preferring the Mediterranean way, my favourite taste.

Mixed with other Vegetables like sweet potatoes, 
Aubergines and tomatoes, rosemary, parsley and thyme.

Baked with parsley, thyme, olive oil and Parmesan. It was very tasty.

This was tasty too. 
1 slice of home made bread cut into cubes, 2 cups Zucchini cut into cubes, add enough melted butter to the bread cubes, mix into the zucchini cubes, add your favourite herbs add a little olive oil and  grated cheese on top, preferably an Italian cheese. Bake in the oven 180 C (360 F) until soft and browned on top. Around 30 minutes.



 While I am waiting for the milk to cool down to make yogurt, using the time to show of a few more beauties after some rain last night.

Jut to pretty not to show...

Roset Delizy, first I thought it was a different one but the open flowers show the yellow heart.

Amelia Anderson also a new old rose I planted this August. I have already a few more on my bucket list  to order next winter!

Mr. Lincoln I love in my garden for its looks and its fragrance.

The lovely Marie van Houtte.


The Butterfly Garden;

Salvia Meigan's Magic.

The butterfly garden evolved over a few years from an ugly strip of rough grass along the driveway.
Now, it is flourishing with bugs, bees and butterflies.

Salvia African Sky.

Turns and twists of  a spider Daylily.

Caterpillars are a must have in the garden  if you love butterflies.Ts

Butterflies are the ballerinas in the air, glissade, grand jeté ...Ts

A lucky butterfly may live around a fortnight! Ts


As a child I read once a story that flowers accepted only  the same coloured butterflies, Yellow flowers  for yellow butterflies. I felt sad because I loved to see a yellow butterfly on a pink rose.

Tea Rose Perfumed Delight; lost the original but fortunately made two cuttings. Both flowering now.
Last year I have seen swarms of dancing butterflies, hundreds, it was an awesome sight. Ts

More motionless! and then
What joy awaits you, when the breeze
Hath found you out among the trees,
And calls you forth again!
~William Wordsworth, "To a Butterfly"

Blue sky,  sweet fragrance of flowers, dancing butterflies, magic.Ts


An early morning walk along the Butterfly garden.

One of the spider Daylilies growing in the "spider" border along the drive way.

The perfume of Gardenia tells you where the plant is hiding.  I received a Gardenia from dear friends very early when I established this garden, probably 25 years ago. The original plant is still growing and flowering in the upper terrace garden. This is a cutting I made for the butterfly garden a few years ago.

Spider Daylily, very floriferous,  the flowers are around 25 cm across,
they are huge attention seekers.

Salvia microphylla Peru Blue, has underground rhizomes. It is a great plant to grow.
 This Salvia  does not have any star allures.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labour and to wait. 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from his poetry Psalm of Life.

A rainy day, on and off;

It gave me enough time in between to do a bit of weeding, as weed lift out easily when the soil is wet.   l also spotted a few of my own Daylily seedlings flowering this year the first time.

Trixie a vibrant red with a pretty green, well formed  heart. Slightly pleated petals.

Aria, a triangual form, nice pink with a deep green heart and darker feathering around the heart. Nicely recurved and slightly frilled.

Allegra, I think this one has turned out pretty well. Nicely recurved, round, double and a really nice colour well proportioned.

A garden, doodle book is fun to make.

....that's it for today, enjoy. See you another day.

©Photos my garden,Text Ts Lavender & Vanilla


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  2. Love Mr Lincoln and the rain drops. Bill cooks a nice zucchini risotto

    1. Thank you Diane.With a big garden rain saves me a lot of watering especially in the veg-garden. Zucchini risotto is yummy. Good on him!