Saturday, 7 October 2017

October; a month of colours and smiles;

The many great gardens of the world, of literature and poetry, of painting and music, of religion and architecture, all make the point as clear as possible: The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden. If you don't want paradise, you are not human; and if you are not human, you don't have a soul.” 
― Thomas More

I do not fully agree with this as I think animals have a soul as well, sometimes more so than humans.

October  comes from the name octo latin for eight.  On the ancient roman calendar October was the 8ht month not like today the 10th month of the year.

Photo 04/October 2017 6:16 AM

Daily visitors.

October a month of Hippies.

Bold and Beautiful

The first to flower; Photo 03/October 2017  2:53 PM

14/October 2017
The days have run away as fast as they could. Today rain glorious rain to nourish our dry soil.

Bulbs love October; they are or are getting ready to show off their radiant, ravishing colours.

Chilli Spice

Orange Sherbet

A garden not loved ceases to grow, it dies and with it all the  pleasure of existing.Ts

A few of the first daylilies to flower. (Petticoat frills)

Louisiana Iris, have a short, glorious time in October

Pecan nut tree with its attractive pendulous flowers.  Bees love them.

 Jaboticaba tree, fruit grows along the branches. Oh,  so  looking forward to the fruit, delicious.

Salvia Majestic Spires has a long flowering period, practically all year round. When one flush is finished I prune the plant and it starts to grow the next flush of flowers right away.

Jeanne Ducher has proven to be the right choice. The Rosebush has grown well, full of buds and the first to flower.

 Rain 80 mm in the rain Gauge, this morning.

Peter's favourites were red Geraniums.

Irene Watts, always enchanting when in full flower.

...and a glimpse into the herb garden, grows many other plants as well like a miniature Peach tree , a fig tree, along a wall Bougainvillea , daisies, roses and some old cacti needing protection and heat.

the last day in October has arrived and with it some rain, heat,  and tonight quite cool again. My last chance to post a few pictures from October.
The garden is very colourful now with Hippeastrums, Daylilies and many others flowering now.

Daylilies, some fine yellow coloured.

Masterplan  has very big flowers, floriferous, this daylily has been one of the first in my garden.

Two of my own seedlings from 2014

Hippeastrums provide a bright flash of colour for around 2 month

Pretty Rosette Delizy just started to flower. I am wondering if I got a different rose, as it does not at all look like R.D. Time will tell. Anyway it is a beautiful small, old tea rose.

Epiphillum have grand flowers for a short but sweet time.

Dancing Lady Orchid; Oncidium.


To have and own a garden means watering,  pruning, planting and weeding. If you just take an easy chair  and watch others do the work  means you are just an audience nothing more and the garden keeps its secrets from you.

This was October more or less.

©Photos/Text Ts Lavender & Vanilla


  1. They are flowering in some of the residents gardens here. They are certainly bold and beautiful.

    1. Thank you Diane. Yes Hippies are so easy to grow and flower over a couple of month some times longer. Many new hybrids are on the market now. I like the single ones which I had since I started this garden in 1989.The colours mingle and new seedlings appear.