Saturday, 2 December 2017

Hooray, Summer, Christmas is nigh...


Summer, sun, storms and heat, bursts of growth settle for quiet, hot, sleepy days.  Mornings bursting with colour and heat, evenings  coolness lingers with sun faded colours around a stormy sky. Ts

Christmas decorations are appearing in house and garden.

Vibrant 'Reds' for Christmas; 
photos 02/12/2017

Daylily 'Roses in Summer'

Daylily 'Double Bourbon'

Daylily 'Lois Hall'

Daylily 'Pure Indulgence'

Rose 'General Gallieni  Tea rose bred in France 1899. 

Did I mention that I adore old roses? Ts

4/12/ 2017

and it is raining, raining, raining...

Days hugged in rain and clouds are wonderful. A gift from the heavens to make me not feel guilty,  when I  am just lazy, looking and dreaming into a wet, grey landscape.

I feel sorry for the birds flying towards the feeding bowls which have become pools with the seeds washed to the bottom. 

My little bare shouldered dove arrived, trying to fish out some of the seed, she left disappointed, sorry little dove. Hopefully she might find some scattered seed in the grass.

Cicadas do not sing on a rainy wet day; it’s only the monotonous sound of grey, washing  and gurgling in little streams down the hill.

Roses look so festive when festooned with diamonds.

...hundreds or thousands ore more drops ...I have never counted them... adorn the petals for now...

The famous 'Christmas' plant Poinsettia grows here to a big shrub and flowers in Winter. It it is very showy with its red leaves which are not the actual flowers. The small flowers are just visible in the middle of the colourful leaves.

Mine need to be pruned now. They could be left to grow as a small tree, but may look sometimes a bit straggly. 

Like this one.

Here you can see the small flowers in the middle.


An Aussi Christmas by John Smith Williams

A little bit of Okker Humour. 

Christmas in Australia is different to what you know , 
We don't see any reindeer and for sure there is no snow, 
No steaming Christmas pudding, or eggnog by the fire. , 
Too much of that there hot stuff, makes us all perspire. 

The sun is brightly shining. The sky is blue and bright , 
The waves are breaking on the beach, the tide is just in right , 
I've got my great new surfboard, the barbie's on the beach, 
The chops are cooking nicely, the snags are lined up neat, 

The temp is in the 40s, the sand is fine and white, 
There's coldies in the esky, all has turned out right 
Who needs the snow and iced up roads, Santa and his sleigh, 
We'll have a red hot Christmas that's the Aussie way. 

Sunset 08/12/2017 around 7.00 PM


The Tropical's

Alamanda Caramel. I love this delicious colour.

I am a Ginger there anything more exotic, tropical than the Kahili Ginger all the way from India. 
With fragrant towers of flowers and bold foliage, Kahili ginger, Hedychium gardnerianum, is a dramatic tropical plant. Native to moist tropical forests of the eastern Himalayas in northern India, Nepal and Bhutan. and is a popular landscape ornamental throughout the world in tropical and subtropical area.  It is a declared a weed in Queensland so I must watch it that it does not let itself out of the garden😔

Big and wonderful, flowers of the edible cacti fruit Pitaya, growing along the fence in the kitchen garden.

Butternut Pumpkin flowers and  fruit soon ready for harvest.

I must say I love the flowers as much as the fruit. (Pumpkin is classified as a fruit not a vegetable.)


...the leafy and shady garden.

Strelitzia nicolai, commonly known as the giant white bird of paradise or wild banana,  reaching a height of 6 m and the clumps formed can spread as far as 3.5 m 

I love the patterns of sun and shade. Behind the fence is the leafy garden where  lizards  and other wildlife have a save heaven. 

Hopefully see you tomorrow...maybe..


 To all,  enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

Last December days in the garden 30/12/2017

Rose Marie van Houtte

A valuable rose parent, Marie van Houtte is described as having large, globular flowers of lemon yellow, deeper in the centre, with pinkish lilac suffusing the tips of the petals. Its dark, shiny and occasionally evergreen foliage is a good foil to the light flowers. 

This one needs to be in check as it is a substantial seeder. 

Caesalpinia pulcherima, dwarf Poinciana, a fine summer plant for the hot climate. It needs frequent removal of the spend  flowers to keep it flowering and compact.

Front borders along the drive way are blooming now with Rainlillies. I remove the seed heads as they are seeders as well.

The lovely Rose Perle d'or. 

Pentas in different colours always favourites in the hot summer garden.

Tropical Heliconia a summer garden's fave. Also used as good cut flowers.

Iceberg Rose contrasts against the behind the fence darker foliage and wildlife garden.

Bobby's Help is always around to dismantle large palm leaf fronds.

This now is the last entry for this year.


a rainbow this morning; 31/12/2017

I just collected the pot of gold!

I hope you enjoyed the garden over the 12 month of 2017.

My next entries will be in the New Year.

My best wishes for a Happy 2018.

©Photos my garden; Text Ts Lavender & Vanilla


  1. A beautiful Christmassy garden and lovely rainstorm too. Don't ever feel guilty when you feel like a lazy day. You have been busy all your life now you can take it easy now and then without feeling guilty even if it isn't raining. Have a happy new year if that is possible.

  2. Diane, thank you for visiting my garden. Yes, I am sort of living in no mans land, up and down the slippery slope. I live every day as it comes. I am not scared anymore, I know I can handle and cope with anything now. You and Bill enjoy happy days with your family. The grandsons are gorgeous, growing quickly, you turn around and they are at school. Happy New Year.