Friday, 2 June 2017

June; a winter-garden;

Life means more than just being alive. Ts

The softest pink of the morning sun makes the darkest corner glow. Ts

Variegated, dark red Bougainvillea begins to flower now, a flamboyant winter's treat.

Here a pretty pink C.sasanqua growing since many years in the garden. Always a pleasure to see. These are such easy shrubs/trees, no fuss at all.

Colourful leaves are welcome any time. Especially when they are as easily grown as cordylines.

I am asked:"What is winter like in the subtropics?" Sunny, warm days and cool nights. Sometimes the winter witches are let loose and then the wind blows cold, the landscape looks eerie and bland for a day or two mostly three or four and I can't wait until dust motes dance again in the warming morning sun.


Brugmansia; Angels Trumpets;  The plant may grow to a tree and flowers many times of the year with an abundance which amazes me every time. They scent the air at night and early morning. It is just one of those plants you don't want to miss in your garden.

Nature’s might we do not fully understand,  we are overwhelmed and saddened by its 
relentless reasons of cruelty, or we are awestruck by its actions of beauty and serenity. Ts


Dendrobium Orchids are very easy to grow preparing themselves now to flower in September.

Trees are the perfect place to grow many different kinds of Orchids be it in pots or  holding on to branches with their roots.

Pretty Gerberas,  this is one of the old breeds. growing very well in all conditions in the garden.The new hybrids do not last in my garden.

A modest garden contains for those who know how to look and to wait,
more instruction than a library.
Henri Frédéric Amiel 1821 - 1881


Iceberg rose in the wintry, early morning sun. Everything looks the same despite a big shadow has settled over the garden.  It is absurd but a timeless time,we can not see or touch, heals everything to a certain extend. With every family member you lose settles a bittersweet memory.

No winter without annuals in pots, here Petunia, Daisies violas and carnations.

No winter blog post without my favourite Monsieur Tillier. The rose bush has grown very big full of bud and roses in a steady continuation. In winter the flowers are big. In the summer's heat they are tiny and not growing and flowering as profusely as they do now.
I love the old antique roses, their history and beauty, lived through centuries and looked after by dedicated people.

...and then there is this, as a garden never sleeps, at least this is the case in the subtropics..

and this, palm fronds torn to pieces by my JR Bobby.


Pretty and odd, Malaviscus penduliflorus, with brilliant red flowers, also known under the names of Turk's cap which might be not politically right anymore, but I could not care less what the right, left or centre dictate; also known as sleeping Hibiscus which is rather sweet. For all I know it is a tough floriferous shrub. It may grow quite tall if not pruned.
I like it!

Morning dew blushes the  flowers of Euphorbia millii.

I am an early morning person, even in Winter I love to see the first rays of the sun, here gilding the last colourful leaves of a Persimmon tree.The fence is the boundary for the chickens. Many fruit trees are in the chicken yard, as they will eat all the fallen fruit.

Poinsettias are a real winter treat and make a splendid show for many month with their  beautifully  coloured leaves.

This morning;

Brilliant sunrise.

Sunrise begins
Sunset ends
the day
We see the light
We see the dark
In-between we hear our story
A little spark of happiness
Or silence
Our journey with the light and the dark. Ts

Last day in June 30/06/2017

Heliconia angusta "Christmas" is flowering now and these beautiful flowers are crying out to be picked.

It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise. Mark Twain.
Well the month of June has danced like a butterfly, it has produced  green leaves, pink roses, beautiful dawns and brilliant sunsets. The sunshine, golden softness and the rains plentiful. 
Hopefully I see you in July. Take care and enjoy your garden.

©Photos and stories from the garden Ts 


  1. Lovely photos and words. I'm sure your garden helps you with your grief.

    1. Diane, yes it helps a lot. Thank you for your visit. Have you settled well in your new abode?

  2. Hello Titania, the last pic of the poinsettias is most outstanding. Good show indeed. Oh, I really like that dark red bougainvillea. It is a beautiful red shade, wish I have one in my garden. And those roses, how lovely! Have a blessed winter.

    1. Hi Steph, thank you for your nice comment. Nowadays Poinsettias have different, beautiful shades, but my faves are still the red ones!

  3. Hi Titania,
    I love the pics and especially enjoyed the poetic writing, such as the intriguing 'life means more than just being alive'. The Brugmansia flowers are lovely, but I always think they are sinister since they are highly poisonous and have been used as a hallucinagenic drug. The flowers are called Angels Trumpets but the drug is called Devil's Breath. Enjoy your mild winter.

  4. Catmint, thank you for visiting. Yes you are right Angel Trumpets good and evil together. So many plants in the gardens are poisonous, berries, leaves, sap etc. like per example Oleander, the most beautiful flowers, but the whole plant is "evil" poisonous yet so widely grown in Mediterranean countries.