Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The pleasure of autumn and winter days.

Autumn and winter, a special time with many delights.

Coriander is a self-seeder and grows through the cool season.

I would like to find the garden fairies meeting place.

A  beautiful morning  makes an ordinary day special.

Delightful Tree Dahlia arrive with the cooler days.

Please feel free to talk or sing to your plants.

Native splendour, when Melaleucas flower.

Autumn/winter the season for citrus fruit, oranges, mandarins, lemons and others. The harvest continues until August, September when the first already start to flower again, The cycle never stops.

Nasturtium has many uses. Flowers and leaves are amazingly beautiful

Plant your blooms and blossom.

Mint in my herb garden, I use it in salads and fragrant mint tea,

Compost proves that there is life after death.

Camellia for winter cheer, many kinds and colours. Awesome plants.

I never understand  people who have never planted a flower or a  tree or  potatoes or strawberries or..or..

Our Billy boy enjoys the sun.

In Autumn  and winter, the sun sets like it was the last one ...


No garden should be without dreams. potatoes, grown in a little bit of dirt.

The cool season provides many Salvia plants like this one in brilliant red.
Salvia gesneria folia Tequila.

There is always anticipation in a garden.

Cooler days ask  for  hearty meals.

Delightful Geraniums/Pelargoniums are waking up.

Azalea's colours are as soft as a baby's breath.

Roses are promising scent and blooms for the vases.

Believe  it or not;

Nature loves you.

©Photos #mygarden Text Ts Lavender & Vanilla


  1. I'm so jealous of your garden.Mine is drying up even with sprinkling.

  2. diane, the subsoil is clay here, it stores the water. It must be dry for a long time to get cracks. You must have a very porous soil in your garden which dries out quickly. All you can do mulch and mulch more to improve the quality of the soil. The subtropics are capricious for gardeners.