Thursday, 18 February 2016

Herb garden;

After a hot summer the herb garden needs cleaning up, pruning, new plantings and TLC.
Summer says goodbye on the 1. of march, hopefully makes place for a soft and tender autumn.

A glimpse into an overgrown and untidy herb garden.

Always a bowl of water with landing pebbles for the bees in dry times.

This is generally a brilliant purple basil, the heat and dry have sucked out all the colour. Over winter I make new cuttings, perhaps I find some seedlings. A grasshopper has a meal...these stripey ones are ferocious...appear in great numbers...grrrr...sigh...

Lavenders are a favourite and are planted as cuttings throughout the garden.

Miniature Zinnias are since ages in my garden, They always find their own convenient place to seed and grow.

Mexican Tarragon has seeded into a space between the tiles.

Greek Basil, reminds me to make cuttings, it is an annual in my garden.

Three rose bushes grow in the herb garden. The ever blooming Iceberg, Crepuscule and Monsieur Tillier. They are fabulous even in the heat and humidity of summer they are flowering on and on.


Monsieur Tillier

Aromatic scented Pelargonium.

One  day, many days ago, perhaps years ago,  Mooky arrived and never left.

Billy is always around sometimes he even smells the flowers.

Believe it or not;

I have a love affair with plants. It is deep and satisfying. I am not a garden tourist, my hands and fingers bury deep into the good earth.  The sweet and spicy scents of plants and flowers are like the daily bread. Ts

©Photos/Text Ts Lavender & Vanilla

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