Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spring is bloomin' marvelous;

The garden welcomes flowers in blazing and soft colours.

Spanish Lavender; this one does seed and it also grows from cuttings. It does as well as the French Lavender in the subtropics.

Walk between the flowers and be happy. Ts


Dendrobium Orchids are welcome spring beauties; easy to grow in the subtropics. Let them dwell on a tree in semi shade and they will flowers for you every spring

No spring without daisy flowers.

Ostespermum; African daisies.

Chicorino rosso flowers;

Heartsease; Johnny jump up; spring is their happy time. I am always looking forward to see their sweet kitten faces. These Darlings seed themselves, in the herb garden. Wherever they want to grow I applaud them.

Strong colours of Tibouchina species.
  1. Tibouchina is a genus of about 350 species of neotropical plants in the family Melastomataceae. They are trees, shrubs or subshrubs growing 0.5–25 m tall, and are known as glory bushes or glory trees. 
  2. Scientific nameTibouchina

I always adored pink and mauve together, Bougainvillea and Wisteria.

Any garden is for joy.Ts

Pretty self seeders. They are highly recommended, admired and easy to grow. Perennial Petunia.

Lovely, wonderful China rose Irene Watts. Delicious colour, delicious scent, delicious blooms. Not a tall grower, but such a fine plant. Say if I could plant one only, (I love many roses) it would be this one.

Gerbera; many years back I used to grow Gerberas in my farm garden, then somehow they went into oblivion, until I saw them in my daughter's garden. She wanted to get rid of them. I dug them out and planted them in my Butterfly garden. They are delightful. Love especially these spider blooms.

My herb garden is always a delight to me.

Queensland Rainforest tree; 

Thaleropia Queenslandica (or Metrosideros Queenslandica)
Endemic to North East Queensland this small tree grows to about 6m in height. It is evergreen and upright in habit with new growth being apricot/red on stems. Leaves are shiney dark green on top and paler below. Flowering in late October to December, a spectacular display of yellow to orange flowers borne on terminal growth can cover the entire tree. Flowers have five spreading petals and five protuding anthems.

Little sun;

Hippeastrums play a big part in my spring garden.  I admire the single ones, and use them to make new cross breeds.To me, the double or triple ones have lost their typical Hippeastrum appeal; that is just my opinion. 

Salvia Love and Wishes; I grow Salvia, small and tall all over my garden. 

Did you know,  to touch a plant, smell a flower, hug a tree is the best therapy!Ts

Not to forget the fine Grevillias which bring oodles of nectar sipping birds.

Your garden may be your heaven on earth. Every morning I can not wait to go out into the garden, nothing on earth is as good as to have your own garden. Ts

Believe it or not;
I have so many plants I have stopped counting, I can show only a few, each one is special, each one is different.

©Photos my garden ; Text and quotes Ts


  1. You have a beautiful garden. I must come and see it for myself again one day. Do you have a problem with wallabies eating your plants? I do. I agree with your home grown quotes. You are a master of language and gardening.

    1. Yes; Diane, come for a lunch with Bill. I would enjoy that. October is a good time to drive to the Gold Coast.

  2. Liebe Titania

    So wunderschön all diese prachtvollen Frühlingsblumen. Die Wisteria sind meine absoluten Lieblinge. Ich habe mir die Bilder in gross angesehen, der Platz dort zum Sitzen inmitten all der Pflanzen ist echt ein kleines Paradies.

    Hab eine schöne und angenehme Frühlingszeit. Wir gehen immer mehr dem Herbst entgegen nach einem übermässig heissen Jahrhundertsommer, der mir nicht besonders gefallen hat.

    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Liebe Elfe; ich danke dir sehr fuer deinen Besuch. Es freut mich immer so sehr. Zuerich haelt ja auch viele Erinnerungen fuer mich. Hoffe du hast einen angenehmen Herbst mit vielen bunten Farben.