Monday, 22 July 2013

July "delights"...

My mother had an ornamental  and a vegetable garden.
 I think back with sadness  and gladness in my heart,  as I still see her  asters in shades of purple and pink. A rose bush with small white roses with prominent golden centres full of music from the insects burying  into  the sweetness…Ts

Flowers in the kitchen;

Grevillia Caloundra Germ

Planting a garden is a joy that never fades into nothing. Ts

I love this strong orange Crucifix Orchid; (Epidendrum ibaguense) it flowers practically non stop,
 a delightful addition for any garden. 

This species occurs naturally from Mexico to Colombia. It has long, thin stems and leathery leaves. The flowers bloom in clusters, with up to 20 flowers open on a stem at once. They come in orange, red, mauve, purple, salmon and yellow.
The common name 'crucifix orchid' refers to the lip of the flower (called the labellum), which resembles a small, gold cross. Crucifix orchids are tough, easy to grow, easily propagated and they have vivid, long lasting flowers. In fact, they are an excellent beginner's orchid. They can be grown in containers in a free-draining mix, amongst rocks in the garden, or in soil. They like a frost-free climate and flower best in a full sun position.


I have never been overly attracted to formal gardens. I like lots of variety and I prefer untamed natural gardens with just a little tweak of guidance. I don’t like  at all the uniformed suburban gardens. Seldom one sees a gardener’s hand in one. 
Such a delight when the odd one stands out. Ts

A whimsical addition...

I have never thought about why I  enjoy so much planting a garden. I guess it is like music in colours and patterns. So much to admire, from the bark of a tree to  lichens,   warm, lingering fragrances and earthy homely scents,  colours,  the mysterious whispers of the leaves, butterflies, the odd unusual insect looking at you with tiny round eyes…
 the garden is very patient it always waits.. Ts

Azalea/Rhododendron X  Dreamtime grows since more then 20 years in my garden. I have made many cuttings  to give away or for myself.

This Calistemon grows very tall if you let it. The brushes are delightful, squat, red with lots of gold overlaid.

A garden should not be  seen in full at the first glance; if possible it should have many pathways turning here and there, little nooks with surprises, climbing plants over arches, pot plants placed to catch the eye. The trees adorned with orchids or climbing plants, so many possibilities and ideas  to give the garden your own impression. Ts

Camellias for winter pleasure.

Tillansia seed has settled freely on this branch and produced  all these seedlings;
 I am always amazed again by nature's  free bounty.

A fine Camellia, Ecclefield japonica;

This one has blue blood...D.Herzilia de Freitas Magalhaes; my guess, 
with a name like this one must feel very special! Ts

Egao, Camellia sasanqua (vernalis) has grown with my garden. It is one of the best, long flowering, no fuss, no demands, beautiful silvery pink semi double flowers. If I had to choose one it would be this one. Ts

Camellia japonica, double, Blood of China, compact bushy shrub up to 1.5 m

Believe it or not:
"I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created parasitic wasps with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars." - Charles Darwin

©Photos from my garden/Text Ts


  1. OMG those azaleas, they are the sweetest! You have been growing the plant for twenty years already? wow! I am so amazed. I also like that big abutilon flower you used as header currently, those camellias and those little Tillansias... they are super attractive!

    So glad I stopped by :-D

  2. It is all looking very lovely, Titania. I love crucifix orchids too. I don't have the orange at the moment, but I have young plants of both the red and mauve - one in the garden, the other potted. I can't wait till they have their first flowers.

  3. You have a few special blooms there in your garden. Your Camellias are ever so pretty and look very healthy.

  4. Liebe Titania, ein wundervoller Beitrag aus deinem Garten.

    In Gedanken bin ich mitgewandert und habe die fremden und zauberhaften Blumen betrachtet, mich auch speziell erfreut an den Rosen deiner Mutter auf dem ersten Bild.

    Wie Charles Darwin staune ich immer wieder und immer mehr, wenn ich die Natur betrachte, wie das alles beschaffen ist: Schönheit, Schmerz, Freuden, Leiden - ein grosses Geheimnis!

    Liebe Grüsse nach Australien (am Samstag war es bei uns mit 37 Grad beinahe australisch heiss (lach) Ist mir dann doch zu viel und ich bin glücklich, hat es wieder abgekühlt.