Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Daylillies in the Summergarden;

Beloved deceiver;  Salter 1996; this daylily grows and flowers very well in my garden, zone 11, scape 24" flower 4.5" evergreen, Tetraploid.

Up into the cherry tree 
Who should climb but little me? 
I held the trunk with both my hands 
And looked abroad in foreign lands. 

 Miniature Hoot; Blith Australia 
A lovely salmon-pink with darker veining. Apple green throat. Lovely form, vigorous and hardy.

That I had never seen before. 
I saw the next door garden lie, 
Adorned with flowers, before my eye, 
And many pleasant places more 

Cindy's eye; Salter 1994, 30" 6" blooms semi evergreen, does grow and bloom very well.
I saw the dimpling river pass 
And be the sky's blue looking-glass; 
The dusty roads go up and down 
With people tramping in to town. 

I have received this one as a gift, can not recall its name. The flowers look stunning, semi evergreen, very tall and vigorous.

If  I could find a higher tree 
Farther and farther I should see, 
To where the grown-up river slips 
Into the sea among the ships, 

Beloved deceiver; growing in the herb garden.

To where the road on either hand 
Lead onward into fairy land, 
Where all the children dine at five, 
And all the playthings come alive. 
Robert Louis Stevenson

Ash Rosy; NUNAN - 1997 - DIP - 6" - EVERGREEN - 26" - EM - RE Australian cultivar. Blend of pink & purple, large ashes of roses watermark. Continuous blooming.

Marilyn Siwik; David Kirchhoff  1994 new in my garden.

Spacecoast passion released; (Kinnebrew,  2002) new in my garden.
6”, ev, , TET – wide and trimmed with metallic lace.  Scapes are 30”, 

Steve Trimmer;  Trimmer 1999; 5.25" blooms semievergreen, Tetraploid,  good branching on tall sturdy scapes,  good budcount and sets seed easily.

A few of my daylilies. The garden is very dry and some are much later as I do not water all of them. Or only occasionally when they are very stressed. 

Believe it or not: “There's place and means for every man alive.”
-William Shakespeare 


  1. Gorgeous shots Titania. Love your wallpaper on your blog. Nicely captured!