Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Deco...outside and in....

Home is where the Heart is

When you arrive ring the bell

The magic Petunias

Free garden deco

I am a rabbit

The sunny Gazanias

We flower for free

A place for two, three or four

A bouquet from the garden

Your guess is right,  my name is Petunia

"Thyme" for cooking

A decorative addition for a moment

A pleasure to grow

Flowers at the window

Succulent splendour

Believe it or not:

Festina lente...meaning hurry slowly

Photos TS 
© TS


  1. So many ways to look at the garden. The trip varies when it is deconstructed as some may write. Pots, walls, gravel, foliage, flowers, individual beauty added while one walks day in day out.

    In my case, with the abundant species, some do hide others...and one day, a flower announces it was there all the time...Nice post..

  2. Hi Titania, your garden is so lovely. I have seen an Owl Moth only one time in my garden in the 9 years that I have lived here. They are so beautiful. It must be an amazing site to see the parrots in your trees, or is that a macaw?

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my blog.
    Have a beautiful day in the garden,

  3. antigonum cajan; a moment of surprise is always wonderful. Thank you for the visit and would like to see you around. T♥

  4. Carla; I must keep this up; I have been slack with visiting my garden buddies and then I miss so much. Happy days in the garden T♥

  5. I love the different succulents. Mine have been neglected over summer, but they give so much, in return for so little. Yours look lovely in their different containers and hanging baskets.

  6. Marisa, thank you for your visit. yes, you are right. I like them in dry places and some do not mind even if they get wet feet from time to time! Have a good time in the garden. T♥

  7. Liebe Titania

    Gerade habe ich die Glocke geläutet und bin in deinen wundervollen Garten eingetreten, und habe mich ein wenig auf das Bänkchen gesetzt-;)Schön ist es hier, echte Erholung (spritzen musst ja du *zwinker*)
    Liebe Grüsse

  8. Liebe Elfe; ja und ich hoffe du hast Zeit für ein Kaffestündchen, wir hätten sicher viel zum Plaudern. Ciao T♥