Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dahlia Imperialis; Tree Dahlia; a wonderful show!

Tree dahlia/ Dahlia imperialis;
 fast growing perennial from South America.
 It grows three to five metres high with tall, sturdy  canes topped with large lavender flowers in autumn and winter.
Prune the plant in winter after  flowering.

* Remove all the dead wood.

* Cut down the canes that flowered last autumn; these are the ones to use for propagation.

* You can see a big bulbous bit at the bottom. That is the bulb of the dahlia that will shoot in spring and be three to five metres high again by autumn.

* Cut canes into 50 centimetre lengths. Ensure you have at least two nodes per cane, because they’ll actually root and shoot from those nodes.
* Lay a cane horizontally along a trench. They shoot from the nodes and in no time at all, you’ll get a lovely clump.
* When new growth gets to a metre high, nip the tips out. The canes won’t get as tall but will be sturdier and more resistant to wind damage.

Plant type: herbaceous tuber
Hardiness zones: 9-10
Sunlight: hot overhead sun
Soil Moisture: constantly moist
Soil: enriched soil, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline

Windblown blossoms, tiny droplets hanging on the petals like tears.

Believe it or not:
I had a lovely holiday; now I am back with new vigor!

Thank you to all who have send me a message. Very much appreciated.


  1. oh how exquisite...what a gift you've shared with us here!

  2. Hi Trudi, glad to know that you had a good break! I missed your posts and love this one. So informative. Such a show this plant is putting many blooms. My favourite is the last shot with the droplets.

    Happy days!

  3. So schön wieder von dir zu lesen, liebe Trudi! Und dann zeigst du erst noch eine ganz aussergewöhnliche zarte Schönheit, die es bei uns leider nicht gibt. Da müssen wir uns schon eher mit der etwas derberen und "gewöhnlichen " Dahlien begnügen, die aber auch ganz hübsch sein können. Das letzte Bild wirkt wie gemalt. Wunderschön!
    Liebs Grüessli

  4. Hello Titania! I hope your rest has been good and relaxing. Thanks for sharing these very nice images, so soft and at the same time so bright.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Simply lovely, T. So beautiful and delicate and I love that last photo!

  6. This is such a wonderful dahlia! And so many buds formed. Looks like it's going to look spectacular for long while.

  7. Hallo liebe Titania

    Schön schreibst Du wieder. Und Ferien sind immer willkommen, gäll.

    Das ist wirklich eine wunderschöne Show, diese zarten Dahlien. Doch bei uns ist jetzt erst mal Sommer *frohbin*, die Dahlien müssen noch etwas warten.

    Ich wünsche Dir eine gute Zeit
    *Winke* Elfe

  8. wow a long break - any travel pics ?

  9. Hi Trudi, it's me again! i just uploaded a video of my nephew singing a song. I'd love it if you check it out. Hope things are fine at your end.