Monday, 25 October 2010

New Bromeliads in my garden;

Aechmea weilbachii pendulafolia; I will replant this Achmea into a more attractive hanging pot.

On Saturday was the Gold Coast's Succulent and Bromeliad Annual show.
I went there with two of my daughters which are also avid gardeners. The display was magnificent.
We came home with a "truckload of plants"! Here are some which have to find a new place in the garden.

I liked the vivid colour of Neoregelia Princepts Hybrid.

My daughter Marie-Louise bought me two Alcanthareas, the green Imperalis and the red Rubra.

Vrisea Fosteriana var. Seideliana, a very beautiful plant.

This plant was named Vrisea me it looks more like a Tillandsia?

Aechmea Vin Rosea is very dark Burgundy.

Guzmania Rememberance;

Guzmania Bakerii, which is quite a rare plant.

Vrisea Hieroglyphica;

Vrisea fenestralis x Vrisea fosteriana w. Red chestnut;


Believe it or not:
“One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like”
George Carlin


  1. Ooooo I envy you.....what wonderful plants!!! The first pic is a great plant to grow. Have fun:)

  2. Wow, you have an amazing collection. I think I have an Aechmea like yours, but I'm not all that knowledgeable about Broms. I do so love the Neoreglia hybrid.

  3. Such incredible variety. Beautiful plants. Again I envy your subtropical environment.

  4. Lovely lot of bromeliads, these plants are favourites of my husband and I love them too not that i know the names to all of them. Your garden must be spectacular.

  5. I didn't realise there were so many different kinds. I have a few varieties but they don't all that normal?

  6. I would say that you and your daughters really enjoyed the flower show on Saturday. This is another beautiful collection that found its place in the beauty of your fantastic garden. You are amazing gardener who knows the name of every plant on this planet. I honestly admire you.

  7. Wow! Did you seriously get all of those in one day?!! I would just die! I've been "collecting" for years and barely have that many species altogether. I love the Neo princeps and the Guzmania bakerii. And how lucky you are to have two garden-addict daughters to accompany you!

  8. It's so wonderful to see so many types of bromeliads! Also how they are displayed. That brom in the first pic has flower stalks that droop... look nice in hanging pots and like orchid. Enjoy these gorgeous plants!

  9. Ooh, what a wonderful bromeliad shopping trip you had! Envy all those broms. That Guzmania Bakerii is so lovely, and love the Vrisea Hieroglyphica and the one in the last picture as well! I have a very small collectoin of broms in my garden, just love them. Carefree, and add so many colors and textures too!

  10. Vrisea Hamnea - this is new to me, a hybrid perhaps ? And the Aechmea .... I have always wanted a Brom with pendent inflorescence, pls let me know who sell these in Australia, maybe shipping will be cheaper than the New World.

  11. Wow, what gorgeous plants you have down under!
    There's no way a brom would survive outdoors in a Yorkshire winter - not sure they'd do very well in summer either come to that!
    Nice blog :)

  12. I love the dangling rosey-red flowers of the Aechmea -- beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous! What fun to have a "truckload of new plants"!
    Trudi, what medium do you use for your bromeliads?

  14. Titania, your bromliads are wonderful! This is a great collection.